Greatest Snyderverse DCEU Action Scenes That Make Us Miss Him Even More

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Love it or hate it, the Snyderverse has had some pretty incredible fight sequences. Here are some Snyderverse scenes to make you miss Zack Snyder even more.


Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Amazons Vs. Steppenwolf

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

A redesigned Steppenwolf comes to Themiscyra to claim his prize – the Mother Box. But the Amazons prove more than a match. In a deadly game of passing the Mother Box, the Amazons manage to keep the artefact just out of reach of Steppenwolf. We see the unhinged skills of the famed Amazonian warriors in action. Steppenwolf wins that round but the Amazons win the fans’ applause.

BVS – The Trinity Fights Doomsday


The battle is huge in terms of scale. Doomsday threatens the entire planet. The only thing standing between humanity and absolute Armageddon is the DC Trinity – Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman. The stakes are high and every hero is hanging on to their lives by a hair’s breadth. Superman makes the ultimate sacrifice, giving up his life to save the very people who had started hating on him. The Snyderverse fight is not just grand but also symbolic, paving the way for the eventual formation of the Justice League.


BVS – Superman Vs. Armored Batman

Batman Fights Superman

The fight scene was supposed to be a retelling of the biblical tale of David versus the Goliath. Superman is a God. Batman is just a man. How can a mere mortal beat the living daylights out of an alien humanoid who can bench-press a mountain with his pinky finger? The fight scene lasts 7 minutes and 40 seconds. And the tables keep turning, sometimes favoring the Dark Knight and sometimes Superman gaining the upper hand. But in the end, Batman wins because he is willing to go to extreme lengths to stop the one man he considers the living embodiment of all his insecurities.

Man Of Steel – Superman Vs. Zod

Zod vs. Superman

Superman movies tend to not show the sheer ferocity and lethality of a superhero vs supervillain fight. The Snyderverse DCEU movies literally started the DCEU on that note. When you pit one God against another, the ones that take the brunt of it are the mortals underneath. Superman was trying to protect humanity from General Zod. But the ensuing fight left much to be desired for from his noble intentions. An entire city lay in ruin. Zod and Superman turned a thriving metropolis into a pile of debris. It was a fight not many Snyder Fans can easily forget.

Man Of Steel – Superman Fights Kryptonians In Smallville

Smallville Fight

Sure the Superman vs. Zod battle was cool. But it is still not the best battle sequence in Snyderverse’s Man of Steel. That honor will always go to the Smallville fight. Hostile Kryptonians turn the Superman’s home town upside down as the US Military soldiers and Smallville residents are caught in the crossfire. Superman struggles to save civilians while keeping the Kryptonians from killing more people. It is one of the first epic Snyderverse fight scenes and a harbinger for the great things to come in the rest of the Snyderverse movies. The ruthlessness and brutality of the action sequence still runs chills down our spine.


BVS – Batman’s Warehouse Fight Scene


Say what you will but Ben Affleck is probably the best Batman ever who managed to embody the fighting spirit of the caped crusader. The guy is a behemoth on screen and the intimidation factor is on-point. The warehouse fight scene is a good example where perfect action choreography made a fight scene even more legendary. Batman unleashes all his skills and gadgets on the enemy. He is just one man in a cape and a cowl against an army of men. But he isn’t trapped in the building with the enemy. The enemy is trapped in there with him.


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