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Green Lantern: Epic Comic Book Events the HBO Max Series Could Explore

Since we know the characters that are going to appear in the HBO Max Green Lantern show, here are a few story arcs we believe HBO might be bringing to the table.

Cosmic Odyssey

While not big enough to be the basis of an entire series, Cosmic Odyssey is still a vital part of the Green Lantern Corps. That is because it shows us how John Stewart, the Greatest Green Lantern of all time (there we said it!!), fell from grace and learnt a very valuable lesson – humility. When he was first chosen as a Green Lantern, Stewart grew so overconfident that he thought he could save an entire alien world on his own. He failed and the civilization of Xanshi perished. The blood of an entire race are in his hands. That experience humbled John Stewart and made him the honorable man he is today.

Lights Out

Lights Out introduced us to the massively underrated villain Relic. Relic was a giant humanoid alien that hailed from a universe that preceded the present one. His people were the first to harness the power of the emotional spectrum – the technology ended up being their doom. Relic would then wage a war against all the Lantern Corps, draining their power. This story would be a brilliant plot device to explore the history of the Green Lantern Corps and their origin story.

Zero Hour

Even though Hal Jordan is not included in the character list for the show, t does not mean warner Brothers and HBO have ticked him out of the project. Hal Jordan could indeed return. And if they are considering using Zero Hour as an inspiration, then Jordan is going to be the big bad of the series. During the Emerald Twilight arc, most of the Green Lanterns lost their access to the Green Lantern Power Battery. Hal Jordan stole all this energy and was later corrupted by Parallax. He would try to use this power to rewrite all of time in Zero Hour: Crisis in Time event. That would be one way to go about it.

Wrath Of the First Lantern

At the dawn of time, a mad man managed to unlock the secret to harnessing the power of the emotional spectrum. The Guardians of the Universe used his knowledge to forge the first ever Power Ring. The power ring was then granted to Volthoom, the scientist that helped them invent this new technology. Wrath of the First Lantern sees Volthoom unleash hell on the Green Lantern Corps. Since Simon Baz is also one of the characters to be featured in the show, we believe the Third Army would make an appearance. The Third Army would eventually pave the way for Volthoom and the Wrath of the First Lantern arc.

War Of The Green Lanterns

War of the Green Lanterns involved the rogue Guardian of the Universe Krona taking over Oa and the seat of the Green Lantern Corps. With the help of Parallax, the entire Corps was corrupted and made to do Krona’s bidding. Only a few rogue Green Lanterns managed to survive the takeover. They banded together and rallied behind Hal Jordan. Although Hal Jordan does not make an appearance in the HBO Max series, the rest of the characters that were present in the comic book arc are. The story line ended with different members of the Green Lantern Corps wielding Power Rings from other Corps. Krona and Parallax were defeated with the combined might of all the power of the Emotional spectrum. Now that would be an epic and dramatic conclusion.