GTA 6 Debut Trailer Runtime Reportedly Longer than those of GTA 5 and RDR 2

A longer reveal trailer = more details about the game?


  • The trailer is set to arrive in less than 24 hours.
  • The video length is 1:31; longer than both GTA V and RDR 2's reveal trailers.
  • This length could suggest a detailed look at GTA 6's world.
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The first trailer for GTA 6 releases in less than 24 hours and the video length has been revealed ahead of its launch. Rockstar Games officially announced the GTA 6 trailer recently, and the countdown for the same has already started. You can go ahead and set a reminder too, so that you don’t miss the trailer when it arrives. 

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The trailer length suggests that it is going to be longer than the initial trailers of both GTA V and RDR 2 respectively. This may indicate quite a few things – more details about the game, an in-depth look at the map, and so on and so forth.


Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming GTA 6 trailer.

GTA 6 trailer
The premiere already has almost 500k likes, and the Live Chat is pretty active.

A while ago, Rockstar lifted the veil and notified YouTube subscribers about the upcoming trailer. At the time of writing, the trailer will premiere in 19 hours. The video has already reached 461k+ likes, showing off the massive hype for the first trailer for GTA 6. You can go ahead and set a reminder for the same so that you don’t miss it when it finally arrives.

With a few tricks and tweaks, you can manage to get the exact runtime of the trailer before it even comes out. We saved you the trouble; thanks to the publicly available data from the YouTube API (Application Programming Interface), the trailer was revealed to be about 1 minute and 31 seconds in duration. This is longer than both Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2’s reveal trailers. Does it have to mean something? Probably! 


The first RDR 2 trailer was 1:08 in length, and GTA V was 1:24. It seems that GTA 6 will be ahead of a whole 7 seconds longer. The hype has made this small number exciting, hasn’t it? Given that the first trailer of a game usually doesn’t showcase everything in detail, a 1:31 video length is quite the premiere to look forward to. It can mean quite a few things.

What does the trailer length suggest?

GTA 6 premiere wait
As viewers eagerly wait for the trailer to drop, hype ensues.

Speaking purely from experience, if the GTA 6 trailer is going to be anything like previous trailers, we can expect a first glimpse of the massive landscapes in the game, along with some commentary about the game’s narrative and stories.


Perhaps, this time too, we’ll have one of the protagonists telling us about the world they live in, and how they relate to it. If it’s similar to RDR 2, then we can have a dialogue (that sounds like a monologue) addressed to another character and what brings them here.

However, we need to keep those extra seconds in mind. Given how far Rockstar Games has come, and what the leaks/speculations suggest; showing off the entirety of GTA 6’s map will take its sweet time. Hence the mention of ‘Trailer 1’ by Rockstar. The trailers that follow will showcase more cutscenes, gameplay, mechanics, and so on.


It’s important to note that much of what Rockstar has been doing with regard to GTA 6 is a product of surprise and mystery. The announcement dropped out of nowhere, after years of silence. This can also suggest that the trailer might just show us some actual gameplay. And, why not? After all, the company is using a refined Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE) to build the game. 

Speaking of surprises, there’s also a chance that we get a look at what the much-speculated ever-evolving map of GTA 6 looks like. Based on these rumors, Vice City (or any other place featured in the video) will keep evolving over time, adding to the online experience for players.


Again, do take all of this with a grain of salt since Rockstar has not officially revealed anything about GTA 6 except for perhaps the vibe of it, considering the bright color palette we can see from the announcement and video premiere. 

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