Massive GTA 6 Leak Reportedly Reveals Huge Details Regarding Map

The game has been leaked once again.

Massive GTA 6 Leak Reportedly Reveals Huge Details Regarding Map


  • The leaks point at GTA 6's map size, locations, and more.
  • This information came from Rockstar Games' employee's son and his friend.
  • It all comes from a video that has now been deleted from the original account on TikTok.
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According to sources online, GTA 6 has been leaked (yet again!) right before Rockstar showcases the first trailer on December 5. The leaks suggest a lot of information regarding the game’s size, setting, and more.


Please note that these leaks are purely speculative and based on cross-referencing across various Reddit posts and tweets online. Nevertheless, the leaks suggest highly detailed information regarding how large the map is and supposedly come from a friend of the son of a Rockstar Games employee.

Here’s Everything the Leaks Tell Us About GTA 6

Rockstar will finally release the GTA 6 trailer tomorrow.
Rockstar will finally release the GTA 6 trailer tomorrow.

First and foremost, users online were informed about the leaks thanks to GTABase, a Twitter user popular for churning out Rockstar Games-related content regularly.


This tweet was pretty much a heads-up for everyone excited about the upcoming trailer and also tells us that all of the leaks come from a Rockstar employee’s son in some shape or form. Before we get into that, let’s take a look at all that we know from the leaks.

It seems that we’re looking at a map size that is twice the size of Los Santos. This will include three major cities along with four separate sub-cities. In total, players can expect to explore over seven major landscapes within the map. If true, this can by far be the largest and most descriptive open-world Rockstar has come up with.

Furthermore, the GTA 6 leak suggests a massive lake in the middle of the map called ‘Lake Leonida.’ Apparently, there’s another lake as well that hasn’t been exposed yet. There are a few more points of interest, like a skate park and a gorgeous view of an entire city that looks highly detailed.


Finally, the leaks also show three unknown cars belonging to the sports category. Considering the size and promise of GTA 6, we can probably expect a lot of new vehicles belonging to familiar categories. However, now that the leaks suggest a skate park, maybe skateboards are going to be part of the game after all. And water-based activities like surfing might be a possibility too.

Rockstar Games’ Own Employee Is Related to the Leaks

We'll likely see a lot of new vehicle variants, including those belonging to the adventure sports category.
We’ll likely see a lot of new vehicle variants, including those belonging to the adventure sports category.

As interesting and promising as these leaks may be, we can’t help but wonder who’s behind all this. As it happens, all of this comes from a friend of the son of Aaron Garbut. Aaron is Rockstar Games’ head of development, working next to Rob Nelson.

Furthermore, the Reddit post exploring these leaks suggests that all of this was recorded in September of this year. Fascinating enough, it comes from build version 636.0, a hundred versions after the previous leaks in September of 2022. That’s clearly a lot of development within a year.


As for the leak itself, it comes from a video by Aaron Garbut’s friend’s son. The clip was uploaded on TikTok. However, the account that uploaded all of this deleted the video along with a selfie of him and Aaron. Things just got real, huh?

A Redditor by the name of Tahanerino2005 even commented:

A kid was responsible of the september 2023 leaks, now another kid leaks GTA VI ?

It is true since the previous leaker was 18-year-old Arion Kurtaj, alongside a 17-year-old unnamed hacker. They both faced legal consequences later, but we’re still waiting to see how Aaron Garbut or his son (or his friend) face consequences, considering how tough Rockstar NDAs can be. The timing of all this couldn’t be any better (or worse?) given the hype for the game’s upcoming trailer.


Again, we remind you that much of this information is nothing but speculations made based on cross-referencing, and it’s advisable to wait until gamers globally get the first official look at GTA 6 thanks to the trailer arriving in a few days. For those of you who aren’t aware, mark your calendars as Rockstar will put out the trailer on December 5 at 9:00 a.m. ET.

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