Giving Up Smoking and Four Other Odd Ways of Getting Hyped for GTA 6

Some of the hype got fans a 5-Star Wanted Level in real life.

Giving Up Smoking and Four Other Odd Ways of Getting Hyped for GTA 6


  • Various fans across the globe have expressed their anticipation for the game in interesting ways.
  • Some of them have faced severe consequences.
  • GTA 6's hype has hit the trio - productive, creative, and illegal.
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When Rockstar Games finally announced that a trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto was on its way, gamers around the globe showed their hype and happiness over the internet. Getting excited about a title so big is natural, and platforms like Twitter and Reddit have often seen a natural flow of discussions around the game.

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What would it be like, what could we expect, and so on? But some fans took it to the next level and did certain things that made us question their priorities in life.


These are some stories from the massive hype train called GTA 6, that make us wonder if the game will potentially even live up to all the anticipation it has been building over the years. Thankfully, some of these stories are genuinely productive, while others may require careful psychological profiling just to make sure they don’t earn those 5 stars in real life.

Giving up Smoking in Anticipation of GTA 6

GTA 6 smoking hype
Will you ever give up a bad habit for the video game you love?

Recently, a Redditor by the username of RoeJoganLife wrote a post about their experience regarding being a heavy smoker, and how the anticipation for GTA 6 has made a healthy impact on lifestyle choices:


I’ve been a fairly heavy smoker for a while now. Lately, I’ve been coughing a lot more and just feeling like shit from the cigarettes but addiction is a hell of a thing.

I am so hyped for GTA 6 that the thought of being in the hospital or on heavy medication as a result of cigarettes has got me to quit cold turkey.

They further wrote how this post marks their 10th day being free from smoking. This is truly a remarkable feat considering how frequent smoking can often have a heavy turmoil on someone’s daily life. 

The top comment by user Increased_value congratulates them on this achievement, wishing them the best. In fact, most of the commenters show equally wholesome support for RoeJoganLife to turn this change of habit into a permanent one. 


Becoming a Part of the Gamescom Event, Whether They Like It or Not

The event was a huge deal for developers and fans, with some unexpected turn of events.
The event was a huge deal for developers and fans, with some unexpected turn of events.

While some fans make reasonably great decisions with their lives in anticipation of the new game, others make it a point to disrupt ongoing activities (for others) in order to have a moment’s worth of fame.

During the Gamescom 2023 event, a member of the audience ran through security and got on stage. In the midst of its opening night, Geoff Keighley (the host) was speaking about Starfield since the game was about to launch in a week, and his hype was obviously growing in the context of the upcoming RPG by Bethesda.


However, someone else had an entirely different idea about hyping up a game. In those very moments, a random person from the audience broke through security and ran up to Geoff, speaking directly into the mic. He demanded Rockstar Games to immediately release GTA 6

As expected, the audience booed him down, and the security eventually made their way to the stage, taking him away. We have to commend Geoff’s incredible composure and how professionally he handled the scenario. 


In a disappointed tone, Geoff explained how unfortunate it is to see such an important event for both devs and gamers to have been disrupted by someone like the interrupter. 

Disrupting a Live TV Show in Germany

GTA 6 fan interrupts
The top comment on the video translates to, ‘Not the hero we were looking for, but the hero we need!!

Back in 2021, something similar happened, except, it was on a TV show in Germany. The show called Doppelpass was airing on August 20, and a fan crashed the recording with his abrupt entry, demanding any news regarding GTA 6. Fascinatingly, this wasn’t the first time he did this.


Apparently, two years prior, he did something similar on a show called Hit the Star. Making quite the reputation as a GTA fan, are we? During the taping of Doppelpass, the man blatantly interrupted host Stefan Effenberg (former captain of Bayern Munich).

Naturally, the man was escorted off the premises by the security. However, it’s still baffling to see the extent to which a fan will go in order to know anything about an anticipated title. 


Cosplaying Characters Before the Game Even Comes Out

Cosplaying characters that don't even exist yet? It may sound ridiculous, but these fans pulled it off.
Cosplaying characters that don’t even exist yet? It may sound ridiculous, but these fans pulled it off.

Cosplaying is an excellent way of showing one’s love for a video game and its source material. But cosplaying game characters that don’t even exist yet? Questionable. 

Regardless, a couple of cosplayers at a Brazil game show displayed their affection for GTA 6 in the most unbelievable way possible. 


The portrayal of these two characters (Jason and Lucia) is based on the info fans received based on the massive GTA 6 leaks that happened a few years ago. As it happens, the duo in the picture have tried their best to show off what they’ve possibly learned from all the info we’ve had surrounding the game in recent times.


The Reddit post for the same has fans laughing and worrying over how overhyped some of the community is. The top comment by user surakeii01 even hilariously puts it into words:

gta 6 cosplayers before gta 6

There’s a low chance any other game has ever seen this kind of hype from fans; speaking purely from the point of view of cosplaying characters that don’t even exist yet.


Leaking Pre-Alpha Gameplay and Getting Arrested

GTA 6 leaked
The gameplay footage showed pre-alpha gameplay with character voice lines, mechanics, and more.

Back in 2022, Rockstar Games witnessed one of the largest network intrusions in gaming history. Crucial gameplay footage and information about GTA 6 got leaked online, showing hours’ worth of gameplay in its pre-alpha stage. 


According to BBC, the same hacker responsible for these leaks was found in a hotel room, doxxed by a rival group of hackers. The 18-year-old Arion Kurtaj was found by the London police, ignoring all the legalities of his bail period. 

Later on, it was uncovered that Kurtaj was part of an infamous hacking group that goes by the name of Lapsus$. This is the same gang that’s behind the illegal events surrounding mighty corporations like Nvidia, Ube, and Microsoft. The young hacker was already caught for his crimes against Rockstar’s confidential information and was serving a bail period. His leaks showcased over 90 clips of GTA 6, along with various screenshots from the game’s pre-alpha phase. 


This ambitious hacker made his way into the company’s official Slack servers, and made a bold statement:

I am not a Rockstar employee, I am an attacker. If Rockstar does not contact me on Telegram within 24 hours, I will start releasing the source code.

After his arrest, however, psychiatrists deemed that Kurtaj was mentally not in the state to stand trial. He was charged with 12 crimes including three cases of blackmail. Furthermore, six charges of the Computer Misuse Act and two fraud cases. Kurtaj wasn’t working alone, and an unidentified coordinator was part of the master plan too. 


It’s not clear what the hacker group’s plans were regarding the game’s information, but clearly, some of it had to do with the game’s enormous hype. Nevertheless, the leaks created waves in the community, and to this day, fans keep going back to leaked footage in order to make sense of whatever they’d like to see in GTA 6

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