5 Must Haves We Want in the GTA 6 Trailer

Characters, landscapes, guns, and gear - show us everything!

5 Must Haves We Want In the GTA 6 Trailer


  • We'd love to see where GTA 6 is set and the varying points of interest.
  • Characters and themes are integral to the game, and we'd like to see that.
  • The new weapons, gear, and activities being introduced to the game would be awesome to watch.
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The highly anticipated GTA 6 will finally be revealed by Rockstar Games soon. In a recent tweet, Rockstar announced the time and day for the release of the debut trailer: December 5, 9 a.m. (ET). As expected, GTA fans all over the internet have been wondering what exactly the reveal trailer will show, and we’ve got a few ideas of our own too.

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At this point, the game has been speculated and leaked so much that it has practically given everyone a brief idea of what Rockstar has been hiding behind the curtains. Nevertheless, the company has a tradition of revealing exactly what needs to be shown in the first trailer for a game. These are some of those pointers to keep in mind, along with a list of all that the trailer must showcase.


GTA 6’s Setting

GTA 6's setting will undoubtedly be the first thing we'd love to see in the trailer.
GTA 6‘s setting will undoubtedly be the first thing we’d love to see in the trailer.

This goes without saying, but knowing where exactly we’ll be spending the next many, many years in this massive open-world game needs to now become official. So far, we’ve ridden the speculative waves of Miami/Florida and a fictional take on it, Vice City. If true, we’ll be seeing relaxing beaches, adventure sports in and around the ocean, and so much more considering the large map.

Based on the recent leaks, there are 3 major cities and 4 sub-cities to be expected, so we’re hoping that the trailer gives us a glimpse at how detailed the map truly is. However, considering how Rockstar’s reveal trailers are usually short (around 1-2 minutes in length), we can safely hope to see at least 10 to 20 seconds of footage covering the map’s many points of interest.


A part of us wants to believe that GTA 6’s world is too huge to cover in one trailer alone, hence the ‘Trailer 1’ announcement for the same. In the reveal trailer, though, we can expect to see a quick glance at the kind of landscape we can expect – the terrain, infrastructure, weather cycles, and so on.

The Characters 

Characters breathe life into an open-world game, and we want to see who we'll be playing as in the GTA 6 reveal trailer.
Characters breathe life into an open-world game, and we want to see who we’ll be playing as in the GTA 6 reveal trailer.

Based on everything we know so far, the game will have two major characters, supposedly called Jason and Lucia. This is a Bonnie-Clyde-esque duo who live a life of crime and get involved in larger-than-life scenarios that also threaten the lives of those around them. The reveal trailer will likely show us a short take on what the narrative is all about and who we are going to play.


Knowing Rockstar, we can assume an over-the-top voice-over that gives gamers an insight into how these characters see the world of GTA 6 and how their perspective plays a role in what we’ll experience throughout the campaign. Even if the trailer starts with, ‘Why did I move here? I guess it was…,’ we’d love to see how things shake up this time around. More than just the main characters, it would be fascinating to see how side characters or even pets or children make it into the narrative.

This goes hand-in-hand with the many stories the game will offer, and the reveal trailer might give us a quick look at that. Previously, with both Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V, the reveal trailers immediately gave us an idea of the kind of narratives players could expect from the game.


The Theme

If we are indeed returning to Vice City, we'd love to see how modern trends play into the retro themes.
If we are indeed returning to Vice City, we’d love to see how modern trends play into the retro themes.

So far, Rockstar’s titles have a certain theme to them. Red Dead Redemption 2 revolved around outlaws in the West. GTA V was all about modern America (or, at least, a satirical version of it). GTA IV showcased a modern city through the eyes of a survivor climbing the ranks. GTA: Vice City was about retro ‘80s life involving gangsters. Similarly, GTA 6 will revolve around a theme that Rockstar has probably not explored before.

If the rumors about Vice City coming back are indeed true, a modern take on the city’s thriving cosmopolitan population and evolving scenarios will likely be shown in the trailer. We’d love to see how modern Vice City keeps its retro vibe alive, even in a modern age where crime and violence have certainly evolved compared to older titles.


Blending multiple themes and experimenting with them is always a warm welcome, and we would like to see the trailer shed some light on the same.

Weapons and Gear

GTA 6 will likely introduce a lot of new gear and weapons, and the trailer might just showcase that.
GTA 6 will likely introduce a lot of new gear and weapons, and the trailer might just showcase that.

New game? New ways of killing. This time around, we might just see the return of the iconic Chainsaw from GTA: Vice City. Furthermore, leakers have also suggested customizable load-outs and gear that can be used creatively in different missions. The trailer should show us how some of the new (or old) weapons work, purely from a cinematic perspective, if that’s what’s in store for us.


On a similar note, it will be interesting to see new gear and items being used in GTA 6 by different characters. Imagine watching a bank heist in progress, but this time with tools that were not previously seen in older games. Or, combining different tools to make a unique usable item for a specific mission.

Open-World Activities

Indoor and outdoor activities will be a crucial part of GTA 6's open world.
Indoor and outdoor activities will be a crucial part of GTA 6‘s open world.

Night clubs. Sports. Scuba-Diving. Water skiing. Skateboarding. These are just some of the ideas we’ve got in our heads regarding GTA 6’s gigantic world and all the things we’d be able to do in it. Moreover, recent leaks have suggested that 70% of the world will have indoors/interiors to explore, so that makes a big difference in how players navigate through several activities.


We’d love it if the trailer could bring the spotlight to this. Rockstar Games’ craft for creating worlds that are highly detailed often lets its players feel happily distracted. Between missions and objectives, it’s fun to chill out a bit and indulge oneself. Perhaps the trailer can even show the main characters hanging out with each other, immersing themselves in newly introduced open-world activities.

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