GTA 6 Leaks Point to the Game’s Map ‘Evolving Over Time’

A lot of new features are on the way for GTA 6, and some of them are already here.

GTA 6 Leaks Point to the Game’s Map ‘Evolving Over Time’


  • PS developer leaks a bunch of new features; while some of them are confirmed, some are semi-confirmed.
  • It seems like Rockstar Games borrowed some features from Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Some of these leaked features have been confirmed, others have not.
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Another day, another rumor about GTA 6. Since the game’s first trailer was released, the fanbase has been ravenous in trying to uncover more info pertaining to the game’s content. To the point that it is almost possible to get through an entire day without hearing some sort of new rumor about the game.


Now, as leaker has posted a series of tweets on X that reveal several gameplay aspects that fans can expect to encounter in Rockstar’s upcoming GTA 6. Beyond just aspects of gameplay, the tweets have also apparently revealed how the game will start. Although all of this information is still unconfirmed at the time of writing, the source it comes from is a little more credible than many other GTA 6 leaks that have emerged recently.

A host of previously unknown GTA 6 gameplay features have been leaked on X

A leaker has revealed a bunch of new features from GTA 6.
A leaker has revealed a bunch of new features from GTA 6.

The leaks that were originally posted on X were conveniently rounded up by Reddit user u/Longjumping-Crab3594, over on the r/gta6 subreddit.



  • Option to surrender to the cops.
  • Eagle Eye feature from RDR2 for highlighting items/targets.
  • Dual-wielding weapons.
  • NPC interaction menu from RDR2 returns.
  • Specific tools required for in-game actions (e.g., lockpicks, cutters).
  • Game events and missions broadcast on news and social media, with NPC reactions.


  • The game opens with a robbery mission.
  • It will feature the most minigames in any GTA game including: golf, basketball, tennis, pool, and a new fishing minigame with diving and harpooning of sea animals like fish, dolphins, sharks.
  • Discovery/tracking system for vehicles/animals similar to RDR2.
  • Entering a vehicle adds it to your discovery list, and discovering vehicles unlocks new modifications.
  • Lucia and Jason share a house that changes throughout the story.
  • Some missions playable with both Lucia and Jason.
  • The game’s map evolves over time.

The Eagle Eye system could be an interesting one. If you played Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll know how convenient that feature was. The idea of Rockstar including the feature in GTA 6 is interesting. It makes a lot of sense to borrow the coolest features from RDR2; as that game played phenomenally well, and is the studio’s most recent project.


The leak also claims that the game starts with a robbery mission, just like GTA V. This time, you could apparently have the option to surrender, which will undoubtedly affect the storyline in some way. Also, the last time we could dual-wield weapons in a GTA game was in 2004’s San Andreas, so the feature returning will be very exciting for long time fans of the franchise.

The game will also allegedly have an insane amount of minigames, which isn’t too surprising given the prevalence of them in GTA V. NPC interactions being a bigger part of the game is also confirmed by the leak. The idea of Lucia and Jason living in the same house, that will likely serve as a base of operations is also cool.

What do you think of the leaked features? Let us know in the comments section below.


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