GTA 6 Trailer is Now Recreated With Real Actors (Including Florida Joker) as Rockstar Yet to Confirm a Definite Release Date for the Sequel

This live-action recreation of GTA 6 would blow you away!

GTA 6 Trailer is Now Recreated With Real Actors (Including Florida Joker) as Rockstar Yet to Confirm a Definite Release Date for the Sequel


  • Rockstar Games launched the first trailer of their highly anticipated game late last year.
  • It quickly became one of the most watched videos on YouTube.
  • But ever since then they have yet to follow it up with any new update.
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When Rockstar Games launched the first trailer for GTA 6 last year, people were blown away. The game looked unlike anything they had expected it to look like. It looked too good for its own good; maybe that’s why the developer decided not to announce a release date alongside it. Months after its first reveal, this game still does not have a release window—just a year, 2025.


But fans of the GTA franchise and Rockstar Games are pretty excited. They keep waiting for an announcement or a new trailer for this game to drop at any moment. But to pass the time, they also indulge in some interesting antiques. The best example of this surfaced recently when some people decided to recreate the GTA 6 announcement trailer scene by scene in real life!

Live-action recreation of the GTA 6 trailer features the Florida Joker!

GTA 6 artwork

The initial trailer for Rockstar Games’ latest game was something else—an incredible showcase of the latest version of their RAGE engine. Moreover, this is a showcase of the fact that this studio still knows how to capture the world around them in their creations.


Everyone knows GTA 6 is set in Vice City, which is Miami in their fictional universe. Hence, it made sense for them to mirror the Miami Florida of current times in this trailer, and they did too. It looks pretty life-like.

But some fans of the franchise decided it could look better. They just took this trailer and started creating a live-action version of it. And what do you know? It looks incredible. A mix of originally shot scenes and a bunch of archival footage, this live-action recreation shows exactly what Rockstar Games was going for.

GTA 6 file size
A still from GTA 6

The standout scene of this new trailer is when the Florida Joker shows up. He is there in his full glory, just standing as a judge reads his sentence. One must remember that this video does not have any newly shot footage from his, just the old one, the same video that was parodied in the trailer for the game.


One cannot help but wonder if the Florida Joker would somehow find a way to blame them too. But for now, as long as the trailer is free of any controversy, it looks insane. The actors who were featured in the originally shot scenes do a decent job when they are not trying to stop themselves from smiling, that is.

But the amateurish nature of those scenes and bananas in place of guns just add to the charm of this trailer. It showcases how raw this trailer is and how they were just doing it for the fun of it. It worked too; fans everywhere are praising the trailer and their choice of stock videos that make it look like the exact image of the original trailer.

When is the new trailer dropping, though?

GTA 6 mini-games
A still from GTA 6

While these fan videos are fun to talk about, the glaring question that everyone has in their minds is: when is the second trailer coming? There’s no news about it, not even a hint. But they have done it exactly the way Rockstar Games does it; they first showed the world.


This means whenever the second trailer for GTA 6 comes, it will be a story trailer. That one would then be followed by a bunch of trailers showing the gameplay mechanics of the game. At least that’s how they did with their previous games, GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2.


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