Guillermo del Toro To Make Dark Frankenstein Trilogy

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There is something about the Classics. It draws us, inspires us, and engages us unlike the bland literary works of recent times. A Tale of Two Cities, The Time Machine, The Invisible Man, Pride and Prejudice – these are some of the greatest works of fiction ever produced. No matter how many live action adaptations are made out of them, they never run out of style. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is also a Classic belonging on that same pedestal as the works mentioned above. And a new Frankenstein movie trilogy might be coming, directed by none other than Monster Movies Maestro Guillermo del Toro.


The tale of Frankenstein begins with a brilliant physician and researcher by the name of Dr Victor Frankenstein. Using parts of various dead men that he scavenges out of a grave yard, Victor Frankenstein creates a morbid, almost invincible and unstoppable creature called Frankenstein’s Monster. When the creature is abandoned by his creator, it must now wander the world and terrorize humanity.


Mary Shelley’s classic novel has had more than 75 adaptations for the big and small screens. The Frankenstein trope is done and dusted. Guillermo del Toro is also a big fan of Shelley’s work and he intends to do another live action adaptation of the novel. He wants the work to be divided into three parts, with each successive part being a direct sequel to the predecessor, hence establishing a trilogy. There is just one problem though.



Guillermo del Toro is in search of a proper source of funding for his planned project. As of now, there is no financial backing for the proposed venture. At a recent panel dedicated to Guillermo del Toro and Scott Cooper, Co-Creators of the movie Antlers, the former was asked about his future projects after Antlers. Del Toro was quick to summarize that the two potential projects he would like to work on are H.P Lovecraft’s At The Mountains of Madness, and a Frankenstein Trilogy.

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Guillermo del Toro claims that since Frankenstein movies and shows have been done so many times in the past, he has to dissect the movie into three segments, and explain the audience the entire tale from another perspective to keep things fresh. A trilogy needs a lot of money to be made, the kind of money del Toro does not have on his own at the moment.

Del Toro has been a big fan of Mary Shelley’s works ever since he read Frankenstein. He has even gone on to say that Frankenstein has “saved” him. Most of del Toro’s works are inspired by Frankenstein. Frankenstein has a more symbolic meaning within Mary Shelley’s story. The grotesque creature represents the fear we all possess – of turning into the very thing we have always hated. Guillermo del Toro has tried to replicate Shelley’s works in his movies. Many of his movies like Pan’s Labyrinth, Hell Boy, and Crimson Peak all have such symbolic abominations akin to Frankenstein’s Monster.


With this trilogy, Guillermo del Toro wants to thank Mary Shelley and show his appreciation for her works. The guy has always been vocal about showing that no matter how ugly or odd a ‘monster’ might be, with love and affection, they are still lovable. Del Toro’s respect for Shelly would mean that the original source is also respected and kept intact throughout the three part adaptation. We hope Guillermo del Toro finds the funding for this one. We are all excited to see this trilogy in the theaters in the bear future.


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