Hades 2: The Whopping Amount of Times You May Need to Beat the First Game to Reach its ‘True Ending’

Well, it's going to take quite some time to get to Hades' 'true ending'.

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  • Hades is one of the most popular roguelike titles out there, but getting to its 'true ending' can be quite a tedious process.
  • Players must finish the game 50 times to get the 'true ending' in Hades.
  • Although there's still no 'true ending' in Hades 2, it will likely take the same number of runs as in the original game.
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When the original Hades game first debuted in Early Access, it’s quite fair to say it was a bare-bones experience compared to what Supergiant Games delivered in the end. Considering how successful that launch model was for the developers, it’s not that big of a surprise the studio followed the same formula for Hades 2.


Although Hades 2′ Early Access has been quite successful and studied with content, the game is already equal in length to the first game. Even though the sequel won’t be released until 2025, based on the first game, it’s quite clear how long it will take players to reach the true ending in the sequel as well.

How Many Runs For Hades’ ‘True Ending’?

Hades 2 ‘True Ending’ | Steam

Hades is one of the most popular indie roguelike titles out there. Developed by Supergiant Games, its narrative is full of surprises beyond the final boss fight, including how many times players might need to finish it to reach its true ending.


While most of the games tend to end their narrative right after the last brutal fight, Hades doesn’t and continues to go on, even bringing new characters into the mix. To complete this emotional storyline and get to the final ending, players have to go through a number of escape attempts.

If you haven’t played the first game, it will take you a minimum of 10 runs to get the “true ending.” However, according to a Steam discussion, getting to the final post-game epilogue will take over 50 runs. Although reaching that number is quite a tedious process, it’s well worth it in the end, considering you can say that you’ve seen it all.

Even though Hades 2 is quite popular right now, you’ll run into a cut-off point, which will be expanded with future updates. Considering that Hades 2 will be longer than the first game, it’s likely that players might need to finish the game more than 50 times to get to its ‘true ending’ as well.


Hades 2 Devs Reveal There’s Still No ‘True Ending’

Hades 2 doesn’t have a ‘true ending’ yet | Steam

Recently, Game Informer had an opportunity to speak with Supergiant’s studio director, Amir Rao, and Hades’ 2 creative director, Greg Kasavin. One of the questions in the interview was about Hades 2’s true ending and how many runs it would take players to reach it.

Rao revealed that there’s still no true ending for Hades 2 because it’s being worked on right now, and the game is still not that far away from what we’ve seen in the Early Acess. However, Rao further said that there’ll be an answer to the question soon, confirming that a true ending is planned for Hades 2 after all.


“That’s a good question. We don’t know the answer yet because we haven’t made the true ending of Hades 2. We’re still working on many parts of it, but I’m sure there will be an answer to that.”

Hades 2 will likely remain an Early Access title throughout 2024, and it’s still unclear when the sequel’s true ending will be released. For now, if you’re a completionist, you’ll have to wait patiently for Supergiant games to release to bring a ‘true ending’ to Hades 2.


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