It Isn’t Halo, but a Surprising Xbox Exclusive Tops the List of Games PlayStation Fans Want the Most as the Cross-Platform Rumors Continue

One of Xbox's most beloved franchise might make its entry on the PS5


  • According to rumors, several beloved Xbox franchises might be released on the PS5
  • A recent poll reveals the most-anticipated Xbox games that fans are hoping to make the cut
  • Gears of War topped the list, with Halo, Indiana Jones, and The Elder Scrolls following close suite
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In a surprising turn of events, PlayStation fans are buzzing with excitement over the possibility of some of the most beloved Xbox franchises making their way to the PS5. A recent poll conducted by Push Square shed light on the most sought-after Xbox titles, and it has become evident that the PlayStation community has its eyes set on a particular exclusive that surprisingly is not the iconic Halo series.


The poll garnered responses from thousands of gamers all over the world. It revealed a growing desire among PlayStation enthusiasts for cross-platform accessibility to some of Xbox’s top-tier franchises. While the anticipation for Halo’s potential arrival on the PS5 is undoubtedly high, the standout surprise is the demand for an unexpected Xbox exclusive to make the leap to Sony’s latest gaming console.

Which Xbox franchises are PlayStation fans excited for?

Gears of War tops the list as the most desired Xbox exclusive by PlayStation owners with over 1000 votes.
Gears of War tops the list as the most desired Xbox exclusive by PlayStation owners with over 1000 votes.

Among the most coveted Xbox franchises, the action-packed and visually stunning Gears of War series has captured the hearts of PlayStation fans. The poll results indicate that gamers are eager to experience the adrenaline-pumping thrills of Marcus Fenix and the COG soldiers on their PlayStation consoles.


The unexpected demand for Gears of War on the PS5 raises questions about the changing landscape of gaming and the increasing desire for cross-platform collaboration. As rumors continue to circulate about potential partnerships between Microsoft and Sony, fans are optimistic about the possibility of playing Xbox exclusives on their beloved PlayStation systems.

While Gears of War took the top spot in the poll, it was followed up by none other than Halo. Other notable mentions include Forza Horizon, The Elder Scrolls, and Fable. PlayStation fans are not only looking for engaging gameplay but also the eye-catching graphics and innovative storytelling techniques that these Xbox franchises are known for.

Voters on the poll had a lot to say about the available choices. One commenter raved about the possibility of being able to play Gears of War and Halo on their PS5, stating:


“Still kinda crazy to think it might become a reality honestly!”

Others pointed out that several of the titles mentioned were previously available on the PS3 and PS4 before being pulled from the PlayStation by Microsoft, and they were excited to see their return.

Halo makes it to second place with just under 1000 votes.
Halo makes it to second place with just under 1000 votes.

The prospect of these Xbox titles becoming available on the PS5 opens up new horizons for the gaming community, bringing together players from different platforms and fostering a sense of inclusivity. The idea of breaking down platform barriers and allowing players to enjoy the best of both worlds has ignited a sense of unity and excitement among the gaming community.

While nothing is confirmed yet, the passionate responses from PlayStation fans in the poll make it clear that the demand for cross-platform accessibility is real and is stronger than ever. More information regarding this revolutionary move by Xbox is expected to be revealed over the next few days, but for eager fans, the news couldn’t arrive any sooner.


Whether it’s the captivating battles of Gears of War, the thrilling races in Forza Horizon, or the fantastical, immersive world of Fable, PlayStation fans are ready to embrace the best of Xbox on their favorite gaming console. Only time will tell if these cross-platform dreams will become a reality, but for now, PlayStation fans are keeping their fingers crossed.

When Phil Spencer does eventually put out the official comment on whether former Xbox exclusives will be coming to other platforms such as the PS5, you can be sure that we will be covering it extensively right here at FandomWire, so stay tuned for that.

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