“The Xbox community is hurting”: More Xbox Fans are Struggling With the Apparent Cross-Platform Deal With PlayStation

The times, they are a-changin', and change isn't always a good thing.


  • This decision could affect the video game industry on an unprecedented level.
  • It could also mean that Xbox don't release a console ever again.
  • Players are concerned about their digital Xbox purchases.
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Xbox and PlayStation are to gaming what DC and Marvel are to comic books. They have always been known as, ‘the big two,’ within their respective mediums and have paved the path for each console generation for decades. It is not an understatement to say that in the coming week, this long-standing dichotomy could change forever, completely shifting the balance of power within the console gaming space.


Over the past few days, multiple leaks have emerged suggesting that Xbox could be about to let multiple of its highly anticipated upcoming exclusives get a release on PlayStation platforms. This understandably has Xbox fans in somewhat of a crisis, worrying that their digital game libraries that they spent their hard earned cash on could be at risk as a knock on effect of this deal.

Xbox games going to PlayStation could have an effect on your digital library

Parris Lilly of Kinda Funny has tweeted out the three primary concerns that he feels need to be addressed by Phil Spencer within the company’s official comment. While he is naturally curious about the future of Xbox hardware and how the details of multiplatform releases of Microsoft first party games will work, he specifically highlights digital library preservation.


Ryan McCaffrey is an executive editor at IGN and has been known as the gaming site’s resident ‘Xbox guy,’ for a number of years now. His reaction is more critical, specifically calling out Phil Spencer for his reactionary method to messaging, going as far as to say that employing that defensive mentality makes the company look weak in comparison to other platform holders.


The online streamer known as Resident Justice complained that leaving a week between the leak and the official statement is a baffling decision, claiming that the Xbox community needs answers now. He also suggests that if the answers given next week are not extensive and detailed, then even more backlash will be seen within the Xbox fan community.

Regardless of how things play out, one thing is clear; a monopoly is never a good thing. Irrespective of where your allegiances lie, healthy competition at a corporate level is always beneficial to the consumer. If any company is allowed to operate within a monopolistic environment, prices will inevitably be raised and questionable business tactics will be left unchallenged.

Could Starfield make the jump from Xbox to PlayStation?
Could Starfield make the jump from Xbox to PlayStation?

As fun as the prospect of eventually playing Starfield, or even The Elder Scrolls VI on your PlayStation console is, the negative effect that a Sony monopoly within the console space could have is potentially detrimental. For the record, I always bought PlayStation consoles over Xbox growing up, and I do have somewhat of a nostalgic preference for Sony over Microsoft. Nonetheless, a one-console future is not something that I am looking forward to.

Beyond the more obvious and salient effect that this shift will have on the consumer, there is also the more ambiguous effect that it could have on gaming development to consider. Many games are made and built on a console exclusivity deal. If that goes away, there is no telling what the knock on effect could be.

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