Having Learned from WB, Zack Snyder Wouldn’t Have Made Rebel Moon if Netflix Refused His 1 Demand: “Prerequisite for making the movie”

Zack Snyder shared his obsession with director's cut and 'Rebel Moon' to have have a Snyder cut.

Having Learned from WB, Zack Snyder Wouldn't Have Made Rebel Moon if Netflix Refused His 1 Demand: "Prerequisite for making the movie"


  • Zack Snyder wanted a director's cut of 'Rebel Moon' to be released and Netflix agreed to the director's demand.
  • Snyder said he is more into the director's cut as fans and critics also like his cuts better.
  • Snyder said his friend Christopher Nolan doesn't need a director's cut.
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Since its announcement, Zack Snyder has made Rebel Moon interesting and one of the most hyped movies of 2023. Snyder is not just sitting on the director’s chair, this time he is also the cinematographer of the upcoming Netflix sci-fi adventure.

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Director Zack and producer Deborah Snyder
Director Zack and producer of Rebel Moon, Deborah Snyder. Credit: Clay Enos/Netflix

Snyder has previously worked with Netflix and perhaps established a good relationship following his 2021 action horror, Army of the Dead for the streamer. However, the director had one demand that Netflix agreed which was the primary reason for Snyder to take on the project. Snyder demanded the director’s cut.


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Netflix Met With Zack Snyder’s Demand

Zack Snyder on the set of Rebel Moon
Zack Snyder on the set of Rebel Moon. Credit: Clay Enos/Netflix

For Netflix, it was fair enough to agree to the demand of Zack Snyder. Most of his previous projects have a director’s cut,  they are rather intense and more engrossing as many fans await the release of the director’s cut even more than the theatrical version. For Netflix’s Rebel Moon, Snyder had the same demand as he wanted the director’s cut to be available for fans.


“They understood from the beginning, ‘Oh, you’re gonna want to do a director’s cut.’ The director’s cut was a prerequisite for making the movie for the first time ever, so my joy at making the two-hour PG-13 version was much greater,” Snyder told Wired.

The director further acknowledged the advantage of a separate PG-13 version. “It allowed the R-rated version to be more out there. It’s an interesting, mythological sort of place that I have found for myself,” he continued. “The way I make the movies now is that I have this concept of the director’s cut. I think nearly every movie I’ve made, except for Man of Steel, has a director’s cut, maybe two director’s cuts,” he added. This is certainly the polar opposite of his friends, Christopher Nolan and Todd Phillips as they don’t require a director’s cut.

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Zack Snyder Revealed Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Need A Director’s Cut

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan. Credit: charlieanders2

Oppenheimer director Nolan has been one of the closest friends of Snyder. Nolan produced Man of Steel, “I worked with him closely through that process, and that kind of just bonded us,” Snyder told Wired. “Chris, as a filmmaker, is probably the person I would be closest to, as far as like, you know, calling them up,” he added. However, in terms of releasing a director’s cut, Nolan has never been acquainted with the idea of distributing two versions of the same movie. “Well, and Chris doesn’t need to,” Snyder said.

“I have cultivated this other system where I, in a lot of ways with the director’s cut, asked for more than I have any business asking for. I realized that there was a commodity in just, ‘You know what I really wanted to do?’ Then I do that. It’s been my experience that all the director’s cuts I’ve ever done are considered better movies than the theatrical versions. Critics or whoever, they’re just like, ‘Well, the director’s cut is better.’”

Snyder’s obsession with the director’s cut is subtle in nature, he is more engrossed by his version of the film to put out for the fans. And obviously, there has been a tantalizing demand for it. Interestingly, he never watched the theatrical Warner Brothers version of his DC movie Justice League which many ways, justifies his obsession further.


Rebel Moon is scheduled for limited theatrical release on 15 December 2023, the movie will debut on Netflix on debut on December 22, 2023.

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