“He had to depart”: Original Secret Invasion Co-Director Abandoned Samuel L Jackson Show for a More Acclaimed Series

Original Secret Invasion Co-Director Abandoned Samuel L Jackson Show for a More Acclaimed Series
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Secret Invasion was initially set to be co-helmed by two directors. Throughout the release of all six episodes of the series, MCU fans weren’t too keen on exhibiting the same enthusiasm that typically accompanied most of the earlier initiatives of the cinematic franchise. Blame it on the phenomenon of superhero fatigue or other variables concerning the show’s narrative—the Samuel L. Jackson starrer has failed to resonate with many.

Ali Selim is the director of Secret Invasion
Ali Selim, the director of Secret Invasion

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Making a recent appearance on The Playlist podcast, director of the endeavor Ali Selim disclosed behind-the-scenes details on the departure of his co-director from the MCU series due to constant delays and scheduling constraints. Reports of the exit came before the show began its production and the reason behind it has been finally revealed.


Reasons Behind Co-Director Thomas Bezucha’s Departure From Secret Invasion 

Why did Thomas Bezucha depart from the MCU venture?
Thomas Bezucha

The Kyle Bradstreet-spearheaded MCU endeavor marked the first series of the cinematic franchise’s Phase Five. Although its polarizing reception has evoked a sense of dreariness among fans, the series triumphs in its use of a consistent stylistic tone. Having only one director (in this case, Ali Selim) behind the endeavor made the aforementioned possible.

On the latest episode of The Playlist podcast, Ali Selim mentioned that the reason behind Thomas Bezucha’s departure from Secret Invasion was owing to the latter’s commitment to the upcoming season of the uber-acclaimed black comedy crime drama show, Fargo. Originally, out of the six episodes in the MCU sci-fi spy thriller show, Bezucha was meant to helm the first three and Selim the remaining ones.

MCU's Phase Five series Secret Invasion (2023)
MCU’s Phase Five series Secret Invasion (2023)

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Alas, with Bezucha’s “ill-timed” exit, director Selim was left to fill in the sudden void. Following was the latter’s statement:

“When I came on, there were two of us. I was gonna do [episodes] 4, 5, 6, and my friend, Tom Bezucha, was gonna do 1, 2, 3. He and I prepped for a while, but then we got into probably scheduling constraints for him or something because I think the show got delayed a couple of times. And he had to depart for… He worked on Fargo, this season of Fargo. So, he had to depart for that.”

While Bezucha’s poor-timed departure posed certain difficulties for Marvel, it didn’t bother Selim, who asserted that the undesirable occurrence ended up working in his favor. He additionally affirmed that the actors associated with the show benefited from the situation too.

Marvel Had “No Complaints” With Secret Invasion 

Samuel L. Jackson in Secret Invasion
Samuel L. Jackson in Secret Invasion

The final product which had been birthed through the efforts of Kyle Bradstreet and Ali Selim seemed to have not disappointed Marvel. Affirming that the studio seemed to have no qualms about a singular director helming the 6-episode series, Selim stated the following:


“It was great for me. I think maybe a little ill-timed… his departure was a little ill-timed for Marvel and so, I was part of the scramble to fill those episodes. But I think ultimately like I said, it worked out well for me, and I think it worked out well for the actors. No complaints from Marvel, so I think they’re happy having one director tell that whole story.”

Fans could not find themselves aligned with Marvel’s alleged satisfaction with Secret Invasion. Despite its star-studded cast and the application of a distinctive storytelling approach, the endeavor falls flat with the usage of recycled tropes constantly found in superhero premises. The series enjoys an approval rating of only 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, with many finding the pace and the structure of the narrative rather distasteful. Some critics additionally detested the show’s finale.

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Emilia Clarke is currently starring in Secret Invasion
Emilia Clarke in Secret Invasion

Although Thomas Bezucha‘s reported “scheduling constraints” raise certain doubts (with how Fargo‘s Season 5 renewal was announced months after Secret Invasion started its production), his prior commitment to the crime drama TV series ended up saving him from the backlash that Selim has had to account for following the unveiling of the recent MCU project.


At the same time, Bezucha’s absence from the Marvel Studios endeavor raises the question of whether the series could have been improved through his directorial efforts. Alas, such wishful queries lack definitive answers.

All six episodes of Secret Invasion are available for streaming on Disney+.

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