“He understood”: Mission Impossible 2 Director Had to Put His Foot Down When Tom Cruise Tried to Hijack His Movie

Tom Cruise tried to impact the editing process in Mission: Impossible 2, but director, John Woo, didn't allow him to.

Mission Impossible 2 Director Had to Put His Foot Down When Tom Cruise Tried to Hijack His Movie


  • Woo directed the film and didn't let Cruise have full control over the editing process.
  • Even though Cruise tried to influence it in his own unique way, Woo stood his ground.
  • The movie's huge success ensured the continuation of the franchise.
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Director John Woo clarified rumors about Tom Cruise taking over the editing for Mission: Impossible 2. Cruise produced the 2000 sequel, whereas Woo directed it and contributed his signature style. Though it’s true that Cruise tried to influence the cutting process in his unique manner for the film, Woo didn’t allow him to do that.

Mission: Impossible 2
Mission: Impossible 2

But still, the film proved to be a huge success and fetched $546 million worldwide. It was the highest-grossing film of that year. And its massive commercial success ensured the franchise’s continuation (even to 2023).

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Director John Woo Resisted Tom Cruise’s Editing Takeover Attempt in Mission: Impossible 2

John Woo
John Woo

In an interview on Rolling Stone, Woo spoke about his experience with Mission: Impossible 2. He also brushed off the rumors that Cruise overhauled the movie in editing. As per the director, the Hollywood star didn’t lock him out of the editing room. But he did try to influence the cutting process in a unique and “very Cruise” manner. Woo said:

“Actually, he couldn’t do that. But after the movie finished, he went to Australia for vacation and then he wanted to put a camera in the cutting room to see our work because he wanted to know what we were doing, and we didn’t allow him to do that. He changed his mind. I said I needed to cut my film without any interference, and he understood.”

No doubt, Cruise is drawn to perfection, and he wanted to see what’s going on behind his presence. But Woo, too, had to maintain the movie’s vision, and that’s why he asserted control.

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John Woo’s Auteurist Style Raised Concerns for Tom Cruise in MI2

Director John Woo and Hollywood star Tom Cruise
Director John Woo and Hollywood star Tom Cruise

Variety described Woo’s direction style as unique, which included “bullet ballet” sequences, flashy kills, and shootouts with guns, fists, and knives.”

Woo had brought his signature style in movies like Paycheck, Red Cliff, Silent Night, The Killers, and many more to mention. His action background since he started in Hong Kong was the reason he helmed the sequel to Mission: Impossible (1996).

Tom Cruise might have faced concerns with Woo’s controlling approach. There was also an instance when Ethan Hunt was hanging off the edge of a cliff with no safety gear. That’s when the director went against him because the scene was shot at the Dead Horse Point in the state of Utah, with an elevation of 5,900 ft, and Woo was definitely afraid of the lead actor getting any harm.


Some creative controls of Woo over the production might have caused concerns with Cruise. But despite this, Mission: Impossible 2 remains a cut above the rest.

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