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“He was a doorman for a bar”: WWE Legend Kurt Angle is Surprised Dave Bautista is Still Healthy Physically After a Torturous WWE Career

WWE Legend Kurt Angle is Surprised Dave Bautista is Still Healthy Physically After a Torturous WWE Career

After The Rock and John Cena, it was Dave Bautista who successfully made his shift into the realm of acting from the world of pro wrestling. Even though Bautista kickstarted his wrestling career pretty late unlike the other giants in the business, it didn’t take long before the Guardians of the Galaxy Star found his footing in the industry and the rest is history.

Following his achievements, Kurt Angle had nothing but respect for The Animal, as he expressed his astonishment towards the actor’s peak physical condition despite having an excruciating career.

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Dave Bautista aka Batista
Dave Bautista

Kurt Angle Is Fascinated by Dave Bautista’s Impressive Physique at 54

From kickstarting the Ruthless Aggression Era with a young John Cena to nurturing young talents into becoming WWE biggies, Kurt Angle’s contribution to the squared circle is unmatched. And while recently reflecting on the most prominent WWE figures, who made a successful jump to acting, Angle expressed his admiration toward Dave Bautista. Apart from commending his Hollywood success, the WWE Hall of Famer flowered the actor’s physical condition despite putting his body on the line for years during his run in WWE. Speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience, Angle said,

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“It’s crazy man he was like I guess he was a doorman for a bar… You know he was always big jacked up dude and someone came up to him and said hey you should be a pro-wrester… I’m really surprised at how well he moves around considering his age and you know what he has been able to go through but it’s crazy I mean he actually look, he actually is like working out like he’s 30 years old”

Despite being 54, Bautista has maintained his enormous physique, and while he is done putting his body on the line every week, the actor’s Hollywood resume keeps on revamping.

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Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle Deemed Dave Bautista the Best WWE-Turned Hollywood Star

Apart from complimenting Dave Bautista‘s physique, Kurt Angle further claimed that he is “the best wrestling actor in Hollywood”, which isn’t unreasonable following the WWE Star’s impeccable resume. Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, Angle said,


“Seeing how far he’s come, doing all the Marvel movies and just all the other movies, he’s doing so many different things, become a big star. He’s so personal. You know what, I’m not gonna lie to you. He might be the best wrestling actor in Hollywood right now. He might be.”

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Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer
Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer

Angle is not wrong about Bautista being the best WWE Star working in Hollywood, as from Knives Out to Guardians, the actor keeps on challenging himself as an actor. And now that he has parted ways with his biggest role yet, fans are engrossed in witnessing how the next chapter in Bautista’s Hollywood career unfolds.

Source:  The Joe Rogan ExperienceThe Kurt Angle Show


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