Heading Out Looks Like Driver Meets The Crew with a Sin City Art Style, and it Looks Glorious

A new original videogame inspired by Thelma and Louise and Vanishing Point.

Heading Out Looks Like Driver Meets The Crew with a Sin City Art Style, and it Looks Glorious


  • Heading Out is a new drive simulator hyper stylized with inspired in games like The Crew and Driver.
  • The game will be released in May only on Steam.
  • Saber Interactive and Serious Sim are behind this title.
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In a time full of remakes and reboots, a very original and highly stylized game is introduced. Heading Out is a driving game with roguelite elements inspired by movies like Sin City, Thelma and Louise, Drive, and Vanishing Point. This game looks like a graphic novel and has a unique flavor.


With elements of other titles like The Crew and the first Driver games on PS One. Saber Interactive will distribute this indie game, while Serious Sim is the developer. This highly anticipated driving game will be available in May of this year.

Heading Out is a new indie title that provides an artistic driving experience that is the antithesis to games like The Crew

The indie gaming industry has kept growing with incredible titles releasing in the last couple of years, like Blasphemous, Spirit Farer, or Hollow Knight. Several studios are making unbelievable titles that players love, making history with much smaller budgets than AA and AAA games. Heading Out is a new driving experience that will make the players feel inside a graphic novel like Sin City. It is also inspired by various very popular movies in the roadtrip sub-genre.


Saber Interactive will handle distribution, and the game is being developed by Serious Sim, a small studio from Poland that already has some experience with gaming. This studio refers to Heading Out as a narrative driving game. The title will have pursuits and very exciting road battles with the police. You can make your own journey with the decisions you make before hitting the road. You have to calculate fuel, distance, and which path you will choose. Through a very great classic rock soundtrack, your legend will grow, but you can’t be in one place for too long.

A new legend is born

Heading Out will be available May 7 on Steam.
Heading Out will be available May 7 on Steam.

Heading Out can be wishlisted on Steam and will be available on the Valve platform on May 7. This title is aiming to make every player experience unique. The art style and sound design of Heading Out aim to provide an immersive open road experience while avoiding detection by the law. The graphic novel style drives Heading Out to a whole new level of originality. By controlling the car’s gas and listening to the radio, you can interact in different ways to keep the police off of your back. You can select your own route to escape the authorities.

At the moment, the studio has not mentioned a version for any other platform outside of Steam. But if Heading Out sells, you can probably expect to see the game on other consoles like the Nintendo Switch or PS5. American muscle cars will be the center of the driving experience. You will face off against some very iconic vehicles, like the Mustang and others.


Tell us what you think about Heading Out. Do you like the hyper-stylized art shown in the trailer?


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