“Internal discussions are ongoing”: Helldivers 2 May Yet be Saved as Arrowhead Reportedly Push Back Against Sony-enforced PSN/Steam Controversy 

If what Spitz said is true, Arrowhead's dedication to its players is next-level.

helldivers 2,


  • Arrowhead Studios and Sony are discussing potential solutions to the PSN linking issue, indicating a possible resolution.
  • Spitz, the community manager, clarifies Arrowhead's stance and acknowledges the need for a better solution.
  • Players are encouraged to voice their displeasure through reviews and refunds.
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Another update to the Helldivers 2 issue has just arrived, and the situation might finally be turning for the better.


According to a community manager for the game, Arrowhead Studios and Sony are in deep discussion on how to proceed with the mandatory linking controversy, especially considering the unavailability of PSN in some regions. With what was said, the tide might turn in players’ favor if things go according to plan.

Arrowhead Takes a Stand Against Sony for Helldivers 2 Players

Helldivers 2's studio Arrowhead refuses to go down without a fight
Helldivers 2‘s studio Arrowhead refuses to go down without a fight

New updates have arrived from Spitz, the controversial community manager who earlier went off on players for complaining against the mandatory rule change (and later apologized).


Some Discord Updates
byu/Navar4477 inHelldivers

He confirms that internal discussions are going on regarding the current issue, with most of the studio’s staff opposed to the idea.

He then relays that if they’re unable to come up with a better solution for those players who live in regions without PSN coverage, the requirement won’t be going through.


We’re not going to force people to either break Sony TOS or not play the game.

He clears up a big point of contention that people had been suspecting.

That the changes, the Steam announcement, and the FAQ modifications came from Sony’s side, and not from Arrowhead.

Spitz then reveals he was “completely unaware” about the number of countries that weren’t able to make a PSN account without breaking Sony’s TOS and admits regret for the statements he made.


He also agrees that a better solution needs to be thought of.

And, toward the end, he says this:

Players making their displeasure known through reviews, refunds, etc. gives us more pull in the discussions with Sony. They don’t read our Discord. It hurts to see the game’s popularity suffer in ratings, but discussions are ongoing and our team is on the side of the players in this fight.

Whether you believe this is PR from Arrowhead’s side or genuine remorse, it’s interesting to see studio staff be very open about an ongoing situation of this caliber.


What Is Next for Helldivers 2 Players?

Following Spitz's advice seems the best way to get Sony's attention
Following Spitz’s advice seems the best way to get Sony’s attention

Until a new announcement is made, it seems the only thing players can do is continue voicing their displeasure about the situation via reviews and refunds.

Spitz makes it known that hurting the game will give the studio leverage in its discussions with Sony.

byu/Navar4477 from discussion


When the messages were uploaded to the Helldivers Subreddit, many people felt that it signaled good news incoming.

byu/Navar4477 from discussion

A user pointed out that the entire issue would’ve been solved if linking your PSN and Steam accounts to play the game was simply not made mandatory.


Some suggested that, along with this, a reward could be provided for those who do decide to link their accounts.

With all of the things that went down in this situation, we’d like to ask you: what would you do in Arrowhead’s situation? Let us know in the comments below!


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