“Blah blah blah”: Helldivers 2’s CEO’s Dodging Response Should Be a Lesson in PR

Johan Pilestedt is an expert at evading controversial questions.



  • Johan Pilestedt is dodging questions on social media regarding the issues with Helldivers 2.
  • Fans are wondering what Arrowhead Game Studios will do about other community managers.
  • Helldivers 2 is slowly recovering from the mess Sony dragged them into with the Steam-PSN mandate.
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Helldivers 2 has seen some better days since the recent controversial mandate from Sony  to link Steam and PSN accounts. Fortunately, the situation was resolved peacefully but some members of the gaming community wish to see Johan Pilestedt be more aggressive with his subordinates.


Some staff members within Arrowhead Game Studios are becoming condescending to the player base which is not ideal. Pilestedt was asked about this issue and while he does acknowledge the criticism, he fails to see the relevance of the question to his post regarding other topics.

Helldivers 2 Director Johan Pilestedt Is an Expert Evader

Johan Pilestedt serves as the game director of Helldivers 2 and the CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios.
Johan Pilestedt serves as the game director of Helldivers 2 and the CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios.

The director is known to be quite vocal and active on social media and takes his time to interact with the community directly. Pilestedt was quite upset about the recent closures of several Microsoft first-party game developers like Tango Gameworks. Some fans took the opportunity and ask about what other corrective actions Arrowhead Game Studios would make internally.


Pilestedt doesn’t take rude and inappropriate behavior lightly and his previous actions about his team members acting out of turn were inspiring. The director even apologized on their behalf and promised there would be consequences for this outburst.

However, he will only respond to questions regarding the issue if it is directly connected with his original post which had nothing to do with the internal issues and this was a class act of how to avoid answering difficult questions.


Spitz was recently terminated as one of the community managers on Discord after he openly suggested that fans should sabotage the game by bombing it with negative review scores to force the publisher into submission and reverse the mandate which ultimately worked at the cost of his job. Fans were satisfied to see him go and hope the same will happen to one other developer.

Johan Pilestedt Is Tired With the Helldivers 2 Controversy

Director Johan Pilestedt hopes that Helldivers 2 can go back to its former glory.
Director Johan Pilestedt hopes that Helldivers 2 can go back to its former glory.

It is important to note that when someone avoids answering a question, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are being a coward. Pilestedt, being a responsible and diligent individual, aims to tackle such issues professionally and effectively. These past few days have been quite stressful and problematic for all parties involved and it is time to recover and move on.

Asking difficult questions is necessary for any community to grow and improve. However, it is crucial to consider the timing of these queries. Timing can dictate the effectiveness and impact of the questions being asked. For example, asking tough questions during a time of crisis or when emotions are high may not yield productive results.


On the other hand, asking these questions during a period of stability and calm can encourage thoughtful discussion and lead to positive change. Therefore, while it is important to ask hard questions, it is equally important to carefully consider the timing of these inquiries.

While the current status of the game industry is messy, it can help to be kind to one another and respect each other. What are your thoughts about the Helldivers 2 situation? Let us know in the comments below!


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