It’s Not PlayStation, Arrowhead, or the Players, but the Helldivers 2 Controversy Does Have 1 Winner

Amidst the controversy surrounding Helldivers 2, PC reigns supreme.

helldivers 2


  • Steam is benefitting from the Helldivers 2 controversies, while Arrowhead Game Studios is taking the fall.
  • Sony seemingly shot itself in the foot and allowed Steam to shine throughout this whole situation.
  • Helldivers 2 is being review bombed on the official Steam page in an effort to get Sony's attention.
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Helldivers 2 is the center of attraction once again but for all the wrong reasons. Sony insisted that players on PC should link their PlayStation Network accounts to Steam for moderation, and many gamers were displeased.


In light of the recent controversy, the community will now look at the platform from a different perspective. If players were to dissect what Steam can provide that other platforms cannot, they would arrive at a clear answer for the future of gaming.

Steam Is Benefitting From the Helldivers 2 Controversy

Steam is the safest space for gaming amidst the Helldivers 2 and PlayStation controversy.
Steam is the safest space for gaming amidst the Helldivers 2 controversy.

There is no question regarding this platform’s hold on the gaming community. It has a wide selection of titles to choose from and is much more accessible compared to the competition.


Unlike Sony’s network, this service has more coverage and includes the 177 countries where Arrowhead Game Studios’ latest live service title was almost pulled. This has made it a much more compelling choice.

The majority of the gaming community recognizes the simplicity of PC over console when it comes to having access to nearly every game regardless of developer. Whether it is a major AAA game or an indie side scroller, Steam has everything a gamer could ask for.


Valve President, Gabe Newell is likely ecstatic by how Sony is handling this situation, which only solidified his company’s superiority in terms of accessibility and convenience.

Since Sony began its initiative of crossing over and broadening its horizons on PC, several first-party titles have already made their way to the platform and even performed better than they did on console. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is the next game that will grace PC players, which is a massive win.


It is also worth noting that this sudden change made by Sony greatly affected the storefront and also gave them some sympathy from the community and changed the status quo in their favor.

If players want a safer passage through the future of gaming, PC is the definitive way to go given the fact that almost every Xbox title is playable. PlayStation will eventually port its games in a more optimized state than it did in flagship consoles and these titles will look and perform even better.


PlayStation Fumbled With Helldivers 2 on PC

PC players are on the short end of the stick when it comes to Helldivers 2.
PC players got the short end of the stick when it came to Helldivers 2.

It is evident that Sony’s plan for expansion heavily relies on the PC platform. While the situation is subject to change, this fact remains undoubtedly clear.

The gaming community was vocal and bold enough to review the game negatively on the official page, which disappointed Johan Pilestedt.

In every unfortunate situation, there is one that reaps the benefits. Newell and his company are soaking up all the hate the community is giving to the competition and should be glad that players are now flocking to this service. It sends a message that the PC platform is the one true place for gaming.


What are your thoughts about this debacle? Did Sony make a big mistake by trying to require players to link their accounts? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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