“Sony f*cks us over AND the developers get all the blame”: Helldivers 2 Fans Aim Their Cannons At Sony For Letting Arrowhead Take The Fall

Attack the problem at its source.

Helldivers 2 and sony


  • Going forward, Helldivers 2 will require linking a PSN account for PC players, angering them due to lack of transparency and regions without PSN.
  • Arrowhead clarifies it's Sony's decision, and they're negotiating solutions, while players express frustration through forums and reviews.
  • Sony's silence and pulling the game from non-PSN regions worry players, but Arrowhead is working on a solution.
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Arrowhead’s beloved co-op shooter, Helldivers 2, is experiencing its first round of negative press, that too very overwhelming. The studio recently announced that PC players will have to link a PSN account to continue playing the game after May 6.


Hundreds of thousands of players were blindsided at the sudden change, which was optional at the game’s launch. Concerns about data security and regions without PSN access are being brought up, and Arrowhead has been taking the brunt of the blame, even though it’s not their decision.

Arrowhead’s Hand Was Potentially Forced By Their Publisher

Arrowhead officials have named publisher Sony as the reason behind the controversial decision.
Arrowhead officials have named publisher Sony as the reason behind the controversial decision.

The studio’s community manager, Spitz, revealed in Helldivers 2‘s official Discord channel that the mandate has been enforced by the game’s publisher, Sony. It was intended to be there since launch, but technical issues delayed the account linking requirement.


It’s unclear why Sony is so adamant on forcing Steam players to sign up for a PSN account and link it to their Steam account, with the leading theories being an indirect boost to PSN’s monthly active user numbers, gauging player data to help with future PlayStation live-service games, or as Spitz revealed, having the ability to ban PC players on their end.

Unsurprisingly, the PC playerbase has erupted with fury at the new rule, blowing up online discussion forums with vitriol and review bombing Helldivers 2 on Steam. Over 200,000 negative scores have been recorded so far, dropping the user rating to ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’.

Helldivers 2 Players Believe Sony Should Be Targeted

Players feel Arrowhead is unfairly being targeted with vitriol and review bombing of Helldivers 2.
Players feel Arrowhead is unfairly being targeted with vitriol and review bombing of Helldivers 2.

Many players, however, also realize that showing up on Arrowhead’s door with pitchforks and torches over a decision out of their hands isn’t fair either. YouTuber The Act Man recently expressed his rage over Sony’s poorly-planned decision potentially destroying the Swedish studio’s efforts over the last 8 years, with several others echoing the sentiment.



Prior to this announcement, Helldivers 2 was on track to be one of the best games of 2024. A recent sales report showed that it’s the highest-selling game of the year so far, and general outlook on the game was very positive.


However, the situation has gone very sideways. Sony’s meddlesome PSN requirement may have been mentioned on the game’s Steam page in a little box since its launch, but they should’ve communicated it more transparently beforehand. Moreover, selling the game in regions without PSN coverage knowing that the mandate will eventually come into effect is also a bit questionable.

Arrowhead and Sony have a lot of answering to do
Arrowhead and Sony have a lot of answering to do.

Thankfully, Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt has confirmed that talks are underway with Sony to figure out what to do going forward, and that the playerbase’s criticisms are being heard and relayed.

On the other hand, Sony pulled Helldivers 2 from Steam in the 177 regions where PSN isn’t available, hinting that the publisher will stick to its decision. The next few steps have to be very delicate, or PlayStation’s first live-service hit may fade into irrelevance forever (at least on PC).


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