Helldivers 2 Gets an Uninterrupted Weekend of Playing for All After Servers Are Upgraded Again

If you are one of those unfortunate players who hasn't tasted Helldivers 2 yet due to the server cap, you have a surprise.

Helldivers 2 Gets an Uninterrupted Weekend of Playing for All After Servers are Upgraded Again


  • Helldivers 2's initial player cap of 450k has been increased to 800k now.
  • As the server issue is solved, Helldivers 2 developers have now shifted their focus to the game itself for future content.
  • The game right now is flooded with cheaters and hackers, which the developers have to look out for asap.
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Helldivers 2 is on a rollercoaster ride. After beating the likes of Destiny 2 in terms of concurrent players count, titles like GTA 5 have fallen victim to this co-op shooter as well. Arrowhead’s title has boasted close to half a million concurrent players, and that number is rising everyday.


However, several problems arose due to heavy load on the servers. Helldivers 2‘s predecessor, Helldivers, had an all-time peak CCU of only 6,691. So, it wasn’t expected that the successor would burst onto the scene in this fashion. That’s why the developers had to cap the player count at around 450,000. But the cap has been lifted and more players can dive into the battle arena of Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 Players Cap Has Been Increased to 800,000

Helldivers 2 servers are now fixed and the max player cap is updated.
Helldivers 2 servers are fixed, and the max player cap is updated.

Due to the player cap, fans were annoyed as they were exempted from the epic battle experience of Helldivers 2. Arrowhead has increased the server cap to 800,000 players. The CEO of Arrowhead and the game’s creative director, Johan Pilestedt, confirmed that on his X handle.


He has stated that after increasing the server cap, the company is expecting to reach the maximum capacity in just 3-4 hours. He has also informed that players might have to be in the queue for a short period of time to maintain the load during matchmaking. According to him, this success is huge, as the developing studio is composed of around 100 developers.

In another X post, he expressed his emotions. After the sudden backlash, Helldivers 2 servers handled this huge player count that weekend quite smoothly.

He has also assured that as the server is now fixed, the company will be focusing on the game right now, and many exciting things are coming in the way of the fans.


Servers Are Not the Only Issue for Helldivers 2 Developers

Players are facing several issues regarding cheating and plug-ins.
Helldivers 2 players are facing several issues regarding cheating and plug-ins.

Although the server issue is fixed, the story doesn’t end for the developers. The game right now is flawed with cheaters. It was quite expected, keeping the high concurrent player count in mind. A recent Reddit post from one of the players clearly showcases the scenario. That player joined a random Chinese team that was on its way to QuickPay.

The other players on that team were quite suspicious, as their levels were unsuually high, even though the game just started a few weeks ago. Things got out of hand when those players picked up just 700+ rare and common samples, but the match result showed over 7000 items for both categories. The Redditor is quite concerned about this incident, as it cannot only get those players’ accounts banned but also his, and that too without using any cheats or plugins.

What are your thoughts on the massive success of Helldivers 2? Are you enjoying it as well? Or have you also come across cheaters while playing the game? Let us know in the comments!


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