Helldivers 2 has Some Hidden Features that’ll Make the Game a Cakewalk

Helldivers 2 has a basic tutorial that does not even begin to cover a large number of gameplay mechanics that are crucial for survival in-game.

Helldivers 2 has Some Hidden Features that’ll Make the Game a Cakewalk


  • Helldivers 2 has a somewhat rushed tutorial that glosses over a lot of important in-game features.
  • Players need to know some tips and tricks that are not explained in the tutorials for a seamless in-game experience.
  • Hidden opportunities, health hazards and supplies are all essential for a holistic Helldivers 2 experience.
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Helldivers 2 has been making waves in the gaming community ever since its release. In spite of the initial hiccups with the server, rewards, and progression issues, the fan reaction has been largely positive.

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However, the game does not have a detailed tutorial. The mandatory tutorial at the beginning of the game shows players the basic game mechanics. And then, it is up to the players to discover all the game’s hidden features through trial and error.


So, we have compiled a list of some tips and features of Helldivers 2 that players would want to know before diving into the mission of dishing out managed democracy.

1. Select a Mission to Open a Multi-Player Lobby Automatically

Helldivers 2 teamfight

On the Galactic War map, players will come across the Quick Play button that will help players readily join other players’ missions. But, if you have your sights set on a particular mission, you can simply select the mission and wait. Although there won’t be any difference in the interface to suggest you are actively searching for a player, you will see players inevitably join your lobby. Just wait around on the deck of the Super Destroyer and you will see teammates joining in due time.


2. Better Late Than Swimming

Helldivers 2 image

Swimming is a big no-no in the world of Helldivers 2. While you can cross a few feet of water by swimming, larger water bodies are better to be skirted around. If you try to swim, your stamina will decrease at an alarming rate and your character will flounder and drown. So, you will have to be called in again in the form of Reinforcement. So, if there is a way around the water on land, it is always better than the alternative.

3. Automatons Are Far Superior Than Terminids


The world of Helldivers 2 has 2 distinct factions amongst the enemies of Super Earth: Terminids and Automatons. The game is usually focused against the Terminids with objectives up for fulfillment on capturing Terminid territory. The Terminids are no pushover with some of them even having ranged attacks. But, the Automatons are more difficult to deal with because they have firepower. So a coordinated push by a bunch of Automatons will inevitably lead to a high mortality rate of Helldivers.


4. Undetonated Hellbombs: Landmines of Helldivers 2?

player throwing grenade

Undetonated Hellbombs can pose serious threats as they get triggered by the slightest damage, even from your melee attacks. So, if you trigger a Hellbomb by mistake, be sure to get out of its blast radius to avoid being obliterated. Hellbombs usually give a couple of warning flashes. So, drop one while making a hasty exit to eliminate your chasers.

5. Keep an Eye Out for POIs

POIs, or Points of Interest are the only in-game source of Super Credits, the game’s premium currency that can otherwise only be purchased through real money. POIs also let players access Medals and Samples which are required for Warbonds and Ship Modules respectively. So apart from the main and bonus objectives, be on the lookout for POIs.


6. Fine-Tune Weapons and Turn Flashlight On and Off

Weapon flashlight on and off

Although the tutorial fails to mention this integral part of game mechanics, it is quite apparent that you can tweak your weapon during the game. You can adjust the zoom level, fire rate, and fire made in the game. Holding down the reload button will allow you to perform these changes. You can also turn off the weapon’s flashlight from here during stealth missions.

7. You Can Lose Samples but Not Super Credits

In game image

Dying is an inevitable part of the game and when a player dies, they will drop all of their collected Samples which are used to unlock new Ship Modules. However, Super Credits, once picked up are never lost. Samples are important for the meta-progression, which is only effective when enough Ship Modules are unlocked, especially in the higher difficulties.


8. Open Half-Buried Containers for Lucrative Rewards

Players should keep an eye out for a type of container that can be found half-buried in the ground with no doors to open it. Blasting them with some form of explosive will usually get them open. And the rewards are pretty good too. The reward pool for this type of container comprises of Samples, Super Credits, extra ammunition, Support Weapons, Requisition points, Medals, etc.

9. Kill Enemies With Well-Placed Hellpods


The world of Helldivers 2 has an ample variety of firepower to take out bugs and robots. However, there are a few unconventional ways to disperse managed democracy too. The Hellpods that are used for respawn arrive on the battlefield in the form of massive projectiles. So, if you manage to land it on a cluster of enemies, you can take down even the toughest of them. But, this should be used with caution, as it can also kill your allies and land you in a tough spot if you somehow miss the enemy as they would be ready for you nearby.


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