Helldivers 2 Mod Gives Xbox Players the Experience They’ve Always Wanted

Xbox may not have Helldivers 2, but modders were able to add Microsoft's biggest mascot in the game.

helldivers 2


  • Modders managed to put Master Chief from the Halo franchise in Helldivers 2.
  • Xbox users are still salty about Helldivers 2 being locked from their platform.
  • The developers are not encouraging this sort of activity and players could be banned for doing so.
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Helldivers 2 is slowly making a recovery from the recent Sony fumbles and fiasco and the gaming community took the opportunity to do something insane. Xbox users were begging for the game to be ported but nothing happened, and modders managed to do something creative.


While the live-service game has no official support for mods, it did not stop fans from doing so. Players can now play as Master Chief from the Halo series and run missions, although it is purely cosmetic, it is still cool to see a gaming mascot plucked out of his franchise into a new one.

Master Chief From Halo Is Now in Helldivers 2 Through Mods

Helldivers 2 players managed to mod Master Chief into the game.
Helldivers 2 players managed to mod Master Chief into the game.

Arrowhead Game Studios CEO and game director Johan Pilestedt was firm about his statement regarding mods in the studio’s latest live-service title. It would take a lot of effort to properly support mods and it will divide the team’s focus and is simply not sustainable for the long-term.


However, there are already a few mods being passed around based on various franchises like Star Wars and Halo and it even impressed the director he is not encouraging this activity to avoid the risk of being banned.


Both video games have a similar tone and feel, and it is easy to mistake that these two franchises belong in the same universe if someone who isn’t fond of video games is asked. Xbox users have been begging for a port on their platform but it seems like PlayStation isn’t too fond of sharing their strongest game yet. The success of Arrowhead Studios has prompted several players to bite the bullet and pick up a PS5 to get the best experience possible.

It is impressive how modders were able to do this on a game that was built with an antiquated engine. However, Johan Pilestedt revealed it is his dream to create a game where modding is officially supported and that it wouldn’t put a lot of strain on the engine since it was his introduction to game development.

Xbox May Not Have Helldivers 2 but Players Have Master Chief

Helldivers 2 players can now use Master Chief as a cosmetic item to spite Xbox and Microsoft.
Helldivers 2 players can now use Master Chief as a cosmetic item to spite Xbox and Microsoft.

PlayStation succeeded in delivering the true experience and to sweeten the deal, the community can now download the mod to put on the suit and fulfill the fantasy.


Some fans have suggested that the developers should cut ties with the publisher after recent controversies and jump ship to Microsoft and develop a sequel or a spinoff with similar mechanics and gameplay which is unlikely since Sony is the owner of the IP.

There is no denying that these mods look amazing but using these cosmetic items can potentially get players banned. It is time to accept that this game is not the digital and creative playground for these kinds of fan-made improvements and respect the game for what it is and not force it into something else entirely.

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