After Fans Save Helldivers 2 with Protests and Review Bombing, They’re Trying to Do the Impossible with Hi-Fi RUSH

Will the Helldivers 2 review bombing strategy work for Tango Gameworks?

helldivers 2, hi-fi rush


  • Fans negatively reviewed bombed Helldivers 2 on Steam to let Sony know their displeasure regarding the account linking requirement.
  • The same tactic is being employed for Hi-Fi RUSH and Tango Gameworks, but with positive reviews instead.
  • Microsoft announced the closing of Tango Gameworks and three other studios, citing reasons for resource reallocation.
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Arrowhead Game Studios and Sony are still reeling from the Helldivers 2 situation. The fans were able to make their voices heard, ensuring the decision to make linking accounts mandatory was not followed through with and eventually taken away.


Review bombing played a big role in sending their message. Several hundred reviews started to populate the Helldivers 2 page, ruining the average rating and sentiment on the game’s Steam page. Now, players are doing the same for Hi-Fi RUSH, but for entirely different reasons!

Fans Use Helldivers 2 Strategy to Save Hi-Fi RUSH

Hi-Fi RUSH fans are taking inspiration from Helldivers 2 players.
Hi-Fi RUSH fans are taking inspiration from Helldivers 2 players.

The internet has enabled communities to band together and enact change in the world. We saw this in the review bombing of Helldivers 2, which played a part in Sony going back on its decision. So, when gamers heard about the closure of Tango Gameworks, many people wanted to show their support for their hit 2023 game.


The closure of the studio is part of an announcement from Xbox made on Tuesday. Fans of Hi-Fi RUSH were further disappointed when it was revealed the studio was pitching a sequel to the game. This has urged fans of the game to show their support for the studio by review-bombing the Steam page, but with positive reviews!

It’s quite clear that fans are not happy with the decision taken by Xbox. Along with Tango Gameworks, Arkane Austin, the developer of Redfall, has also been shut down. However, given the low reviews that the game got at launch, even review bombs wouldn’t save it.


But, for Hi-Fi RUSH, even the new negative reviews are targeted at Microsoft’s actions rather than the game.


A former project manager at Tango Gameworks also tweeted out the awards the studio had won, asking if that wasn’t enough for Microsoft.

The overall sentiment is an appreciation for Tango Gameworks and showing their ire for Microsoft killing off studios that are willing to take risks to deliver new kinds of projects.


Xbox Shutting Down Bethesda Studios to Focus on Big Titles

The company is shutting down studios as a way to reallocate resources.
The company is shutting down studios as a way to reallocate resources.

The shutdown was announced during a town hall event with the ZeniMax team on Tuesday. Matt Booty then shared an email internally that detailed how the resources from the studios will be split among other teams and projects at Xbox. The email also stated that this decision was taken to focus on games that offer larger opportunities for success.

A reason being floated on social media for this decision is the low spending on subscription services over the years. People felt Microsoft’s rapid acquisition of several studios was to help bolster the Game Pass library and encourage people to sign up. The failure of this strategy may have prompted the company to let go of these studios as a way to protect profits.

While fans are showing their support for Tango Gameworks, the fate of the studio ultimately rests in the hands of Microsoft. This is a business decision being taken by the company, and it may not rescind it regardless of how much pushback they receives to protect its revenue.


Do you think Xbox is making the wrong moves with the shutdowns? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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