Helldivers 2’s Fight for Democracy is so Important that Some Divers are Going to Extreme Measures to Ensure they Can Help

It may not be loud but we can hear the laptop begging for mercy.

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  • Helldivers 2 was released in February 2024 for PlayStation 5 and Windows and has sold over 8 million copies since.
  • Given the stunning visuals, the game requires a high-end PC, or players may experience issues with the gameplay.
  • But the fans love the game so much that they don't even care if their devices are experiencing a near-death experience.
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The fight to liberate Super Earth in Helldivers 2 isn’t simply satisfying for the souls of action seekers but also for those seeking a treat for their eyes. But that comes at a cost—$39.99, to be precise. But the players may be overlooking the real cost while enjoying the game. Even a high-end PC may ask for some rest after running the game for hours .


But some players are just smacking their lips to play the game, even at the cost of the demise of their device. According to its Steam page, it is recommended for players to run the game with 16 GB of RAM and some heavyweight graphics cards. Nonetheless, fans don’t seem to care about it.

Helldivers 2 Has Seen Many Come and Go, But This Man is Just Lit

Over 8 Million copies of the game has been sold globally.
Over 8 Million copies of the game has been sold globally.

It can be annoying when the game lags too much, ruining the experience. Sometimes we just adjust the graphics and things become just fine and tolerable. But the Helldiver 2 fan has surpassed the limit of being patient, if there is any. That too tells us that he is a true Helldiver and cares for the fight for democracy.


A video shared over social media platform X (formerly Twitter) shows one player trying to run Arrowhead’s game on a Dell laptop. However, the viewers can see how badly the game is lagging, but that doesn’t even make this Helldiver flinch. For a moment, it will appear like character is just standing there on the screen, while in fact he is exploring a bug-infested environment.

He is literally one fortunate player, given the laptop wasn’t sent flying like the Terminids after being knocked out by a rocket. But that certainly gave the device a near-death experience. Let’s hope it’s running still.


Someone Might be Bragging, But This User must be Having Fun With Those Specs

Users require a high-end PC to run Helldivers 2 flawlessly.
Users require a high-end PC to run Helldivers 2 flawlessly.

Those who are seeking to become a part in the fight to liberate Super Earth must do their research over the internet and prepare their systems before dropping on one of the planets. The Helldivers 2 community on Reddit too had a discussion about the game’s specs when the latest installment in the series was launched.

A lot of Helldivers came up with their suggestions on the original post made by a user dubbed Misiok. The conversations that went on were technical but hilarious. A user who shared the details of the system he/she was using was called a bragger by another user. And the conversation went on with comic punches.

Helldivers 2 – share your specs and performance
byu/Misiok inHelldivers



As players are engaged in the fight for freedom, Helldivers 2 is becoming more challenging by the day. Automatons were already making life hell for players, and now they might have a new faction to deal with soon. However, one thing is for sure: the raging battles will fill the internet with remarkable moments from the game again.

Where are you playing Helldivers 2? How’s your experience? We would like to know your


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