“Helping Amber not feel like she wants to kill herself”: Amber Heard’s Friend Eve Barlow Admits the Aquaman Star Is Miserable and Needs Help After the Legal Battle With Johnny Depp

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Amber Heard has not been in the best state after losing the Depp v. Heard case in June this year. Now Amber Heard’s alleged girlfriend, Eve Barlow, is saying that she’s helping the Aquaman star cope with her struggles since losing the famous case, giving her the much-needed help she needs in order to keep Heard from ‘killing herself.’


This statement comes just a week after reports came out last month that Heard was not able to contact any of her friends after losing the case because they were afraid of associating with the 36-year-old actress. Things have gotten ugly for her, here’s what Barlow said in full about the Hidden Palms actress.

Amber Heard FandomWire
L to R: Amber Heard and Eve Barlow

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Eve Barlow Helps Amber Heard Keep Afloat In Such A Dark Time

The troubles for Amber Heard do not seem to end either. One of the insurance companies that she relied on to help pay for the damages she owes to Depp, called New York Marine, ended up suing the actress in court where they basically blamed her for her mistakes that led to her debt (toward Depp) and subsequently stated that they are “not liable” for the loss. It’s just not working out for her.

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Eve Barlow

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Eve Barlow, the Scottish-born journalist, who describes herself as a Zionist stated that Heard is miserable right now and that she’s spending almost half of her time working with Heard’s legal and PR team. Speaking during an episode of The Sod’s Law Podcast with Daniel M. Rosenberg, Low said-


“You hope that people understand that you have a heart and soul and that you have your own life.”

“What I am finding so difficult to digest at the moment is this kind of lose awareness that I have in few moments between dealing with legal, dealing with PR and just helping Amber not feel like she wants to kill herself.”

This amazing support for Heard at such a low point in her life is amazing. The statement also comes after the two were spotted having a fun time in Israel last month.

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Eve Barlow Attacks Johnny Depp’s Appearance At The VMAs

Eve Barlow’s support for Amber Heard extends beyond her love for the Aquaman actress. Barlow trolled Johnny Depp‘s MTV VMAs appearance this Sunday, in which he appeared as the “Moon Person”, although he was only shown in a digital format inside the astronaut figure’s helmet.

Amber Heard FandomWire
Johnny Depp’s cameo at the MTV VMAs

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Barlow appeared to be pretty upset by Depp’s first appearance on TV ever since he won the defamation case against Heard. She attacked the Edward Scissorhands star in two scathing tweets about his cameo as the “Moon Person”-


She even calls him a “desperate dinosaur”-

It’s no surprise that Barlow hates Depp for what he’s done to her friend, and it’s a nice sign to know that at least Amber Heard has someone who looks out for her in any way possible.


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