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Henry Cavill Revealed He’s a Big NFL Fan, Supports the Chiefs Because “Superman’s from Kansas”

henry cavill loves nfl

Did you know Superman was a true football fan?

Henry Cavill, who played DC’s Superman in Man of Steel, talked about his love for football and how he came to admire the sport, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the American talk show, a couple of years back. He briefly touched upon the topic as he explained to the audience his fan loyalty toward the NFL.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

One would be surprised to learn about a British actor becoming an American football fan, but then again, Henry Cavill had always been full of surprises.

Henry Cavill revealed that he was a true NFL fan

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Henry Cavill opened up about why he loved the sport so much and how he was a Chiefs fan, indicating to the football team based in Kansas City, Missouri. “How did that happen?” Kimmel asked the actor with reference to the same.

The Batman v Superman star had a rather intriguing story behind having Kansas City Chiefs as his favorite team.

He said that he’d spent a good amount of time in the country to start watching American football, after which, he started to have a penchant for it too. “I started to like the sport and I realized I needed to choose a team. And the only way I could choose a team was with something that was never gonna change,” he stated.

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Henry Cavill on Jimmy Kimmel
Henry Cavill on Jimmy Kimmel

Cavill wanted to pick a team and stick to it, be loyal to it, and so he figured that because “the only thing that wasn’t going to change” in his life was “the Superman aspect,” he would choose a team on the basis of that. “I figured Superman’s from Kansas, people in Kansas support the Chiefs…it just all added up,” he pointed.

According to him, if Superman was a football fan, “he’d definitely be a Chiefs fan,” which was all the more reason for Cavill to support that particular team. “Wow, that’s weird,” the host of the show joked.

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Henry Cavill was a major Kansas City Chiefs fan

The Witcher star mentioned the Chiefs to be his favorite team, claiming to like them a lot. “Chiefs nation is a good family,” he remarked.

When asked if he’d ever had the opportunity to attend one of their games, Cavill said he’d been to one of their games at Arrowhead. “That was an amazing experience,” the 39-year-old reminisced. He explained how it was his first ever time going to a game and was thrilled to be there.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill was inspired to pick his favorite team because of Superman

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He also said how he’d been on the sidelines and the opening of the game itself had him extremely impressed, for rugby games in England didn’t have such a grand opening. “There were big jets of flame going into the sky, and in England, the teams just walk out, sing a song if it’s national,” he noted, “and then we kick the cr*p out of each other.” 

It certainly looks like Superman’s influence on Cavill’s love for the NFL and the Chiefs was nothing short of moderate.

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