‘Henry Cavill’s comeback trailer>>Ant-Man 3 trailer’: DC Checkmates Marvel by Releasing Cavill’s Official DCEU Return Video Right During Quantumania Trailer

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A few things are loved and cherished by all the same, like the spirit of Christmas, for starters. Although it’s not even November yet, it’s never too soon to get in the feeling of the festivities. And Henry Cavill just gave everyone the best early Christmas gift by officially announcing his comeback as the almighty Superman to the DCEU. Surely, nothing can beat this feeling.

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Henry Cavill as Superman

After what must have felt like ages of agonizing waiting, DC fans have finally gotten back their favorite Superman as Henry Cavill confirmed his return to the franchise. And to say people are on the ninth cloud, would be an understatement.

Henry Cavill confirms his comeback as DC’s Superman

The famous superhero franchise had been facing some precarious situations lately, with what Batgirl getting canceled, Black Adam bagging nasty reviews from the critics, and the studio deviating from David Zaslav’s “10-year-plan” of solely focusing on DC. But it looks like Henry Cavill’s comeback to the DCEU is singlehandedly going to fix all such predicaments.


Ever since Zack Snyder’s 2017 Justice League, fans had not seen Cavill’s Clark Kent on the screen, and rumors about him having a fallout Warner Bros. ended up solidifying the same. But earlier this year, a different set of rumors were sparked about how the British actor would be reprising his role after all. And then came Dwayne Johnson, the knight in shining armor who revealed that he was doing his best to bring the Man of Steel back to the franchise.

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Man of Steel
DC’s Man of Steel

The Rock didn’t break his promise to the audience either, as he ensured that the Dawn of Justice star appeared in Black Adam’s post-credit scenes. And now, Cavill himself corroborated said rumors as he took to Instagram to announce his official revival as Superman.


The Witcher actor posted a photo of him wearing the cape of the famous superhero and wrote an exciting caption about the future of Superman. “A very small taste of what’s to come, my friends,” the caption read. “The dawn of hope renewed. Thank you for your patience, it will be rewarded.” 

It definitely doesn’t get better than this.

Marvel’s Quantumania trailer has nothing over Henry Cavill’s return

DC fans seem to have one-upped the MCU fandom with what is easily one of the biggest wins the former have witnessed in a long time.


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Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania trailer dropped at the same time Henry Cavill announced Superman’s homecoming to the DCEU, and people are way more thrilled about the latter to even give a second thought to Ant-Man 3. Nobody can tell if this was a carefully calculated tactic or a pure coincidence. But Cavill is definitely in the limelight right now.

DC fans are tweeting about the same as they hype up the news about The Tudor star’s return to the franchise and claim that Marvel’s Quantumania will get little or no attention amidst all this.


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The DCEU fandom finally seems to have gathered enough ammunition in the form of Cavill’s comeback to fire back at Marvel as they relentlessly talk about Ant-Man 3‘s trailer getting sidelined in the shadows because of the same.

Some are even berating Quantumania‘s trailer, claiming that it’s clearly not even in the competition. A user on Twitter even went so far ahead as to deem it as another “cookie cutter bore” by Marvel.


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Although Cavill didn’t mention any information about any upcoming Superman movies in his Instagram post, it is safe to assume that a Man of Steel 2 could possibly be in the works. Either way, the cape isn’t rotting away in the closet anymore, and that’s definitely something to hold onto.

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