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Here’s Why Kit Harrington Will Most Likely Become the Superhero Black Knight in Avengers: Secret Wars

Here's Why Kit Harrington Will Most Likely Become the Superhero Black Knight in Avengers: Secret Wars

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Eternals, directed by Chloe Zhao, hit the screens in late 2021. Along with the film, came a plethora of characters including Thanos’ brother, Eros played by the superstar Harry Styles, and Dane Whitman aka Black Knight who had the face of the Game of Thrones actor, Kit Harrington.

Kit Harrington
Kit Harrington

Now, with the MCU expanding more so than ever before, it seems like only a matter of time before Black Knight properly gets his spotlight in the superhero universe. However, it does raise the question of when will we see the character again. While there are only cricket noises surrounding Black Knight, there is a strong possibility that Kit Harrington could return as Dane Whitman in Avengers: Secret Wars.

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Kit Harrington Might Come Back in Secret Wars

Kit Harrington in Eternals
Kit Harrington in Eternals

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In the post-credits scene for Eternals, Kit Harrington as Dane Whitman is seen standing in front of his family crest, psyching himself up to open it and reveal the contents of the case. As he manages to gather the courage to do so, he finds himself standing face-to-face with a sword. The catch? It’s no ordinary sword and can give the holder immense power, at the cost of their sanity.

As he goes to take a hold of the Ebony Blade, which is encrusted with the words, “Mors Mihi Lucrum,” Latin for, “Death is my reward,” he is interrupted by a voice. The voice asks, “Sure you’re ready for that Mr. Whitman?” Though off-screen, the voice is confirmed to be that of Mahershala Ali’s Blade.

While nothing is known about Harrington’s return as Dane Whitman, it’s a safe bet to say that he will be a part of Avengers: Secret Wars as almost the entirety of MCU is rumored to have some sort of a cameo in it. Fans might even get to know more about the Black Knight in the upcoming film, Blade, which is set to hit the theatres in 2024. Given the fact that Secret Wars is a 2026 release, there is quite some time in between these two films to expand on Dane Whitman’s character, who possibly wants to use the Ebony Blade to bring his girlfriend back.

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Black Knight and the Ebony Blade

The ebony blade
Ebony Blade in Eternals

The Ebony Blade possesses incredible magic which gives its holder an upper hand in a fight, including the power of immortality. If the owner dies while holding the blade, he will be resurrected in no time thanks to the death-defying weapon. If you think it all seems too good to be true, you’re right. Not only does the blade give the holder incredible powers, but it also is a curse. Apparently, the Ebony Blade feeds on every negative emotion the holder has until they turn bloodthirsty and violent, driving themselves to a point of insanity.

Dane Whitman wielding the blade checks out with the Marvel comics where he once single-handedly defeated Kang the Conqueror in a duel. The MCU might not go down this exact route in Secret Wars, but Harrington being in the last film of Phase 6 does seem like a legit possibility! We can’t wait to see Harrington wield the evil stepsibling of Mjolnir!

Blade is set to release on September 06, 2024, and Avengers: Secret Wars will be released on May 01, 2026.

You can stream Eternals on Disney+.

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