“He’s Barry Freakin’ Allen, not Robin!”: Ezra Miller’s Flash Gets Compared to Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man After Tie-in Comic Reveals Ben Affleck’s Batman Trained Him and Created His Suit to Fight Crime

Ezra Miller’s Flash Gets Compared to Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man
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After a long course of obstacle-filled ground, The Flash is almost here and with it, the movie-tie-in comic has been released as well. The comic gave the fans a deeper look into Barry Allen and the villain he’d be facing, his relationship with Batman, and more importantly, how he came to wear his newest suit.

The Flash
Ezra Miller as The Flash

While the fans have their own opinions regarding this story, it takes a brand new angle as to the relationship the billionaire and the genius speedster could have. While Justice League happened to be only a tiny look at what the two are capable of together. The movie would be seeing Flash receive his iconic ring which would hold onto his suit, however, the where and how of him getting his hands on it have changed parallel to the DC Universe.

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The Flash Gets His Ring From Batman In The New Comic

According to the newest released comic by DC tied in with the DCU and The Flash, Barry Allen happened to face Girder, and there he fought alongside Batman. Ben Affleck’s character then gifted Flash a ring, stating that he and Alfred worked on it together. This ring would then turn into his newest suit.

The Flash

Affleck’s Batman too was wearing a new suit and the only reason Barry gets his’ is due to the fact that his own suit gets damaged during the battle. Much like a lady in some killer new heels, Barry too gains a wide sense of confidence which allows him to defeat Girder. Although the original comics saw the Scarlet Speedster utilize his own expertise into creating this ring suit with his parents’ wedding bands, adding to the emotional value, the movie will possibly show it as a token of bringing Barry and Bruce together.

The ring itself holds massive importance within the comics and whether or not the DCU shifts from its original lore, the addition of this is brilliant on its own.


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The Fans React To Barry And The Change In The Flash’s Lore

Ezra Miller as Flash

While necessarily Barry has been like a son to Bruce in the DCU, the comics showed a relationship similar to this for Batman and his kids. Fans seemingly don’t like this comparison due to the fact that Flash is a vibrant figure of his own accord and seeing him be trained by Batman is rather new.



He is also furthermore being compared to Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man and how is a dynamic similar to him and Tony Stark.

The Flash is set to release on 23rd June 2023.

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