Highest Rated Stars in WWE 2K24: Rhea Ripley is More Impressive Than You Think

It looks like WWE2K24's top Judgement Day star is none other than Rhea Ripley.

Highest Rated Stars in WWE 2K24: Rhea Ripley is More Impressive Than You Think


  • WWE2K24 would be the latest game in the long running wrestling franchise.
  • This game would once again bring fans an updated list and titles that belong to the biggest champions in the franchise.
  • The list of top rated Judgement Day starts of WWE2K24 is already surprising fans.
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The WWE 2K series is the prime series for any fan to look forward to. These games give them a chance to get into the shoes of their favorite wrestlers and wreak havoc around the ring. As with real-life wrestling, these games also feature different types of tournaments for players to participate in.


And for those interested, this game also allows for the Judgment Day events. And just like on real-life Judgement Day, wrestlers have a certain ranking depending on their performance during the matches. Fans of WWE 2K24 would be glad to know that the Judgement Day ratings of this new phone are pretty interesting.

Here are the highest-rated Judgement Day stars in WWE 2K24.


1. Rhea Ripley, 96

A still from WWE 2K

She is one of the fastest-rising superstars in the world of WWE. Some say she has never looked back since her first appearance at the Mae Young Classic in 2017. She even became a WWE champion back in April 2023 and has held that place for around 317 days now.

It is no surprise that she is at the top of the list of highest-rated Judgement Day stars in WWE 2K24.

2. Finn Balor, 87

A still from WWE2K

Some consider Finn Balor to be one of the most talented performers in WWE. This might not be an overstatement, either. After all, it’s not easy for someone to get on the list of the top 5 rated Judgement Day stars.


He joined WWE back in 2024, and ever since he has only seen up. His fans would know that his signature move is Coup de Grace. No doubt they would be using the same to annihilate their opponents in WWE2K 24.

3. Damian Priest, 86

A still from WWE2K

This one-time NXT North American Champion signed with WWE back in 2018. He has been a tag team partner of Finn Balor. And their partnership has no doubt been something else, as they have remained undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions since October 16.

With his fast and swift success in the highly competitive world of WWE, he today has a rating of 86 among the top Judgement Day stars.


4. Dominik Mysterio, 83

A still from WWE2K showing Dominik

Rey Mysterio’s son and two-time NXT North American Championship winner, Dominik Mysterio, has a style of his own. Trained by a bunch of WWE champions, including his own father, he has also won a tag team championship while paired with his father.

Dominik even joined Judgement Day after a lot of drama. He had to go against his father and the Judgement Day founder, Edge, to join.

5. JD McDonagh, 71

A still from WWE2K

He started his journey towards Judgement Day in an interesting manner. He was first seen having arguments with Finn Balor backstage. No one knew where these heated arguments would lead. Back then, only Finn Balor was part of Judgement Day, though. He eventually appeared in a bunch of matches that various group members participated in. He even helped Dominik Mysterio recapture the NXT North American Championship.


After all these attempts, his efforts actually paid off, and he ended up being a part of the team. And he remains here even after losing the Loser Leaves the Judgment Day match with R-Truth.

No doubt he has such a high rating; he has shown time and time again how worthy he is of being part of this group.

It’s an impressive list, no doubt. And to some fans of WWE 2K24, it might even be a bit surprising. They will know more when the game launches on March 5, 2024.




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