12 Hilarious Sibling Moments Between Thor and Loki

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While some refer to “The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody”, “Ramona and Beezus”, and “The Parent Trap” when they talk about siblings, MCU fans think of Thor and Loki. The twisted bond between siblings is best defined by these powerful gods. It’s amazing how common people like us can relate to the ancient relationship between the God of Thunder and the God of Mischief. Are you growing tired of your brother’s mischiefs? Then think of Thor whose brother is the God of Mischief. Their relationship has seen its share of ups and downs throughout several millennia. But fans love it when the two share the screen. When they are together, comedy and banter are bound to follow. Thor’s temper complements well with Loki’s sarcasm. Here are the 12 hilarious sibling moments of Thor and Loki.


Look At Yourself First

Before Loki’s death in “Avengers: Infinity War” the two had reunited one last time in “Thor: Ragnarok” to stop Hela. When Thor tried to reprimand Loki for arriving late to the battleground, Loki came up with the best response.


Loki’s “Bazinga” moment

It’s hard to sympathize with Thor’s sad childhood stories involving Loki’s mean pranks. He was seen recalling a terrifying incident and shaming Loki in front of Hulk and Valkyrie with loaded passion and emotion in “Ragnarok”. According to that story, Loki had turned himself into a snake for Thor to pick it up, since he loved reptiles. The moment an eight-year-old Thor fell for it and lifted the snake, Loki transformed back and said “Meh, it’s me!”, and stabbed him.

Stop It, Will You?


One of the most infamous tricks of Loki was illusion magic. He could cast illusions of himself and fool the Avengers to believe it was him. Thor and Loki had been together for over 5000 years, yet the former kept falling for Loki’s pranks. He kept pouncing on Loki, only to land on the floor violently.

Because That’s What Captain America Does

Well, we can’t blame Loki for troubling his brother. It’s easy to infuriate Thor, as he gets irritated faster than LIGHTNING. It’s hard to forget Loki’s evil actions as a sinister villain in the earlier phases of the MCU. But at the end of the day, he is just an annoying brother who likes to test Thor’s patience. When the two were escaping from Asgard in “Thor: The Dark World”, Loki used the opportunity to transform himself into Captain America. Even though Thor is a hero, it was fun watching him get irritated by Loki mocking Captain America with “Oo, the costume’s a bit much, so tight, but the confidence… I can feel the righteousness surging…Hey, wanna have a rousing discussion about truth? Honour? Patriotism?”. No one could have done Cap with such finesse. He also relished in turning an angry Thor into Lady Sif.


Can’t Blame Him

Thor was trying to be the wise brother by reprimanding Loki for stabbing someone during the battle. But Loki had the perfect explanation for the killing. He had no other option when the rival provoked him and asked “What are you going to do, stab me?”

How Does It Feel To Be In My Shoes?


Not just Loki, even we wouldn’t forget the day Hulk flipped him from left to right like a rag doll. At that moment, we could feel Loki’s pride as a god shattering into a million pieces. Years later, when Hulk did the same thing to the God of Thunder on Saakar, the happiest person in the world that day was Loki. He couldn’t help but scream at his brother “That’s how it feels”.

Can’t Hear You

This is not just a Loki-Thor moment, but one of the most hilarious scenes in the MCU. Loki’s sharp sarcasm made it hard for fans to dislike his villainous role in “Avengers”. Thor was about to deliver a speech after catching him when a flying Iron Man interrupted by ramming into him. Since Thor’s last words before being taken away were “You listen to me, brother”, Loki savagely mocked the moment by replying with “I’m listening”.


The Classic Act

These brothers have built many memories over the centuries and millennia. Some were good while others were nightmares. One of the classic acts that they built together was “Get Help!”. But both carry different memories from it. Thor loves it because it not only saves them but also portrays him like a hero. Meanwhile, it is embarrassing for Loki who is thrown around like a cheap weapon.

Just Listen To Loki


When the famous duo was attempting at flying the Harrow spaceship in “Thor: The Dark World”, Loki couldn’t stop but attack Thor with his savage commentary. He calmly dug fun at Thor’s flying skills with incessant sarcasm- starting with how Thor rammed into all the pillars but left one and how he beheaded their grandfather’s statue. Miffed at Loki’s unsolicited instruction, Thor finally snapped with “which one can actually fly?”

Right Back At You!

When Captain America, Bruce Banner and Black Widow were discussing Loki and calling him “a bag full of cats”, Thor stepped in to defend his brother with pride. That brotherly affection immediately vanished when Black Widow replied that Loki had killed 80 people in two days. To this, an embarrassed Thor said “He’s adopted” and saved his reputation. Tables had turned when Thor landed up on Sakaar. For a brief moment, Thor, a prisoner on the planet, was euphoric to find his brother. But Loki decided to ignore him and deny any connections with him by stated that Thor was “adopted”.


Caught You

Loki had transformed himself into various characters, including their father Odin numerous times. But in “Thor Ragnarok” he wasn’t fooling anyone. Thor didn’t have to ask if he was really Odin. All he did was throw the Mjolnir into the air and waited for the fake Odin to catch it. Loki didn’t take long to turn back into himself, as his face was too precious to get smashed.

Family Traditions


When Thor finally took the courage to have a heart to heart conversation with Loki in “Thor: Ragnarok”, the latter refused to try it. Loki is known for his sarcastic comebacks and he did it again by saying “open communication was never our family’s forte”.


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