“His approval doesn’t matter”: Dr Disrespect’s Comments on Bethesda’s $200 Million Gamble on ‘Starfield’ Stirs Heated Debate Among Gaming Fans

Dr Disrespect's Comments on Bethesda's $200 Million Gamble on 'Starfield' Stirs Heated Debate Among Gaming Fans
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Starfield has already set the stage for its grand opening. Bethesda Game Studios’ own production, Starfield, has been branded as successful even before it came out. People who received the limited review copies of the game have said that it will set a new record in the video game world. With so much praise going around for the game, it is natural for every gamer to be excited.


Bethesda’s latest creation has been nominated for “The Most Anticipated Game of the Year”. Apart from that, the game got a stamp of approval from one of the biggest video game content creators. It is like adding yet another trophy to the cabinet. While most fans took it as a positive review, some fans went 180 degrees around it.

Fans React To DrDisRespect’s Approval Of Starfield

DrDisRespect on Starfield

DrDisRespect is a two-time back-to-back 1993-1994 Blockbuster video game champion. He termed Starfield as the best game ever. He gave the game 5 stars in his video and is excited for its release. In the end, he gave his stamp of approval.



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DrDisRespect said, “I believe Bethesda. I believe Starfield is going to be the best game ever. I don’t care what you say, champs. Starfield, I’m excited for. I’m giving it a stamp of approval from the two-time (Blockbuster video game champion). Five stars just like that.”



His reaction on the video game created a platform for a heated argument among fans. Some said that they were feeling excited about it, just like him. One of the fans wishes that the game delivers and cannot wait to play it. Another one said that Starfield is on a whole different level.



People who follow DrDisRespect and Starfield think he got one of the review copies of the game. Gamers believe that it is a rare scene when DrDisRespect gives a stamp of approval. So it must be good.


Among the positive news, there are several people in the gaming fandom who are not happy. One of them replied to the video by saying how DrDisRespect could say such things based on the trailer. Some went as far as to bring up his personal issue on social media. One fan said that his approval does not matter.



Among positive and negative, there are people who love Starfield but hate DrDisRespect. One of such people said that it is sure going to be a hit, but it does not matter what he has to say. Some are even angry at him for making the game overhyped before its release.


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More on Starfield

Every gamer from around the world is currently looking at Starfield. Bethesda spent more than $200 million on the game. So, it is natural to have high expectations from the game. Bethesda Game Studios is a reputed studio but has a bad name for having bugs in their games. Everything should be checked properly before its release.

Starfield releases on 6th September, 2023

Whatever happens, the game has undoubtedly created much buzz in the gaming fandom. It even managed to get attention from gaming content creators like DrDisRespect. It is better to wait and see how Starfield takes the gaming world by storm.

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