Hokazono Takeru Rejected My Hero Academia Mangaka’s Characterization of Him Despite Getting Kohei Horikoshi’s Stamp of Approval

Hokazono Takeru is too modest to accept Kohei Horikoshi's appreciation for his work.

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  • The manga world was recently jolted when Kohei Horikoshi, the author of My Hero Academia, suggested Kagurabachi by Hokazono Takeru.
  • Horikoshi claimed to have been astounded by the story of Kagurabachi, which flowed like a movie.
  • However, in a recent interview with one of Japan's largest publications, Takeru refuted Horikoshi's portrayal of him.
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The manga world was recently shaken when Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of My Hero Academia, recommended Kagurabachi by Hokazono Takeru. My Hero Academia’s creator is one of the most respected mangakas in history, and his work is considered to be one of the best anime and manga series of all time.

Kagurabachi celebrates massive debut with special trailer

Therefore, getting a recommendation is obviously a big thing for a mangaka like Takeru, who just entered the manga universe a few years ago. However, in a recent interview with one of the biggest Japanese newspapers, Takeru rejected Horikoshi’s characterization of him and emphasized that he still has a lot to do.

Horikoshi stated that Takeru understood the meaning of the word “cool” and used it in his masterpiece, but Takeru revealed that he did not totally get it and just wanted to add a flow to the story.


Kohei Horikoshi Recommends Kagurabachi

When Kagurabachi’s first volume was released in February 2024, fans were shocked to see a message from Kohei Horikoshi recommending the manga to the readers. This recommendation was later shared by the official X account of Kagurabachi, which attracted a lot of attention from manga fans.

Kohei Horikoshi’s message stated:

“The way the composition is done is like watching a movie, leaving me amazed every week. This is a person who truly understands what the definition of cool is.”

Kagurabachi Manga cover
Kagurabachi Manga cover

According to Horikoshi, the narrative of Kagurabachi had a flow like a movie, and it left him amazed. He even praised Takeru for writing such a great manga and pointed out that he understands what the real definition of cool means.


Getting a recommendation from a mangaka like Horikoshi is a big thing. Horikoshi has been one of the top mangakas in the world, and he has always established connections with other mangakas. Kagurabachi has been breaking records since the release of the first chapter, and Horikoshi’s recommendation of Kagurabachi certainly speaks for its greatness.

Hokazono Takeru Believes He Still Has a Long Way To Go

After the recent release of the second volume of Kagurabachi, Takeru was interviewed by Asahi Digital, and this interview was later translated and shared by @soukatsu_ on X. During the interview, Takeru was asked about Horikoshi’s recommendation and what he thought about him calling Takeru cool.

Chihiro _ Kagurabachi Viz Media
Chihiro | Kagurabachi Viz Media

Takeru stated:


“Do I actually understand, though? (laughs) Maybe I don’t actually get it. But I don’t think just drawing is enough. There has to be a flow to it, or maybe a buildup. I do wonder what exactly it is. I want to find out too. I want to show everyone new things, and keep challenging things that I’ve never encountered before.”

Takeru revealed that he just wanted to add flow to the story and didn’t really understand what being cool is. He stated that he has a lot of things planned that he wants to show the world and face new challenges. Kagurabachi has already established itself as one of the greatest mangas of all time, but Takeru wants to take it to another level.

You can read Kagurabachi on Manga Plus.


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