Hold Back Your Tears as Young Sheldon Star Iain Armitage Seemingly Confirms George Cooper Dies in Season 6

Young Sheldon Star Iain Armitage Seemingly Confirms George Cooper Dies in Season 6
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For the fans of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper has been the protagonist of not one, but two shows including Young Sheldon, a spin-off series following the childhood of prodigal son Sheldon Cooper. The genius-minded character had often talked about aspects of his life before he met Leonard, his roommate, and his other friends. Many of those instances included the Cooper family as well.

young sheldon season 5
Still from Young Sheldon Season 5

The groundwork for a spin-off show set not so far apart requires a lot of attention to detail of what the original story had laid down. Young Sheldon, too, is somewhat limited to that due to the multiple times The Big Bang Theory went out of its way to set up some backstory for Sheldon and what would end up playing a part in his character development.

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Young Sheldon Can No Longer Avoid The Inevitable

During 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory gave Sheldon Cooper a dodgy relationship with his father because him walking into a room and discovering that his father had been cheating on his mother, however, this soon turned further tragic after learning that only a year later, at the age of fourteen, his father died due to excessive alcohol intake.

Young Sheldon
Young Sheldon season 6 finally sees Sheldon as a teenager

Young Sheldon managed to avoid the prolonged death of George Cooper for 5 seasons; however as Sheldon grows more in the show, so does his story, and with it, matching the facts of an already canon show becomes inevitable.

Iain Armitage confirmed in a recent interview that the speculation of Sheldon Cooper’s father dying would indeed be part of the show soon enough as Sheldon would eventually be discovering George cheat within the show with him being thirteen years old, the exact age when the incident took place for its parent show as well.


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Young Sheldon’s Obstacle Of Being A Sitcom Might Find A Way To Make It Work

The tone of a sitcom is much different than the darker tone that George Cooper’s death might take for the show. Because Young Sheldon is purely a comedy show, the series has so far managed to show Sheldon’s growth at a much slower pace so as to somehow keep Lance Barber‘s character for as long as possible. The actor had even made a cameo in the original show as Leonard’s bully who had then also managed to bully Jim Parsons‘ Sheldon Cooper as well.

Lance Barber
Lance Barber as George Cooper

This however is not possible anymore and the show too has managed to find some more serious tones to it. From the character of Paige dealing with her depression to Georgie Cooper having to understand the consequences of his actions with an accidental pregnancy, as well as Mary Cooper, the character who believed in god the most, begins to question her faith.


Both Missy and Sheldon are now going to be grown teenagers as well, which means the show has even better means for them to deal with what might otherwise be a bit too difficult. Season 6 might be George Cooper’s last season with the pace the show has been taking lately. The series would either have to bid farewell to the character at the end of season 6 or the beginning of season 7.

Season 6 of Young Sheldon is currently airing on CBS every Thursday.

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