The Big Bang Theory: Things About Sheldon That Aged Poorly

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The Big Bang Theory gave us a few memorable characters and many memorable scenes. However, the audience is divided between two: some find the sitcom funny and interesting, while some find it intolerable. Over the years, the latter audience has increased. One reason can be Sheldon. The character is brilliant. But he is also egoistic, intolerant, rude, mean, and condescending. However, he is an essential character for the show. But many of his behaviors haven’t been viewed as appropriate by fans. Or we can say, a few things about Sheldon haven’t aged well. So, check out the list and let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree!


1. The Way Sheldon Treats His Friends

Sheldon with his friends in The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon with his friends in The Big Bang Theory

If you think insulting your friends, pulling them down, dominating them, or portraying yourself as the smarter one is cool, then you’re mistaken. And, this is exactly what Sheldon has been doing to his friends. We all laughed at his insults, but now it seems too much. Friends are for making you feel loved, valued, non-judgemental, always lighting your spirits up. Right? But we never see Sheldon doing any of this. So not cool Sheldon.

2. Sheldon’s Relationship With Leonard

Sheldon and Leonard
Sheldon and Leonard

One word- abusive. Yes, they have been great friends. Yes, Sheldon has been open about his feelings for Leonard, but deep down we all know Sheldon and Leonard’s relationship is borderline abusive. Something that doesn’t go well in the long run. For instance, Sheldon smashing cake right in Leonard’s face while he was making a video wasn’t funny or helpful at all. Rather it was an irritating act.


3. Amy’s Mistreatment In The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon and Amy's relationship in The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon and Amy’s relationship in The Big Bang Theory

Just when we thought Sheldon would never have a partner, the show gave us Amy. Sheldon loves Amy too much, and vice-versa. But the relationship is straight-up toxic! Sheldon, as always, is full of himself in his head, never notices Amy’s sacrifices for him, and her efforts and achievements are gone unnoticed. I am sure none of you can be with someone who does this to you.

4. Sheldon’s Evident Bullying Of Howard In The Big Bang Theory

Howard and Sheldon
Howard and Sheldon

Howard was a successful engineer with a happy family. However, Sheldon never appreciated Howard’s achievements. Instead, he demeaned him by commenting whatever he’s doing isn’t worthy. Sheldon’s disliking for engineering and geology never made any sense. Yet he continued with it. He constantly bullied Howard and this is something Sheldon’s fans would agree to!

5. Sheldon’s Failure To Understand “NO”

Sheldon's failure to understand the concept of personal boundary
Sheldon’s failure to understand the concept of personal boundary

Having an overly analytical mind can make things difficult for you at times. This is best proven by Sheldon. He doesn’t understand sarcasm. He doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘no’. Moreover, he doesn’t understand what personal space is. To top it up, he becomes the third wheel in Leonard and Penny’s relationship.


6. Sheldon’s Extravagant Ego In The Big Bang Theory

Things about Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory that didn't age well
Things about Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory that didn’t age well

We’re sure nobody will disagree with the point. Sheldon is full of himself in his head. He thinks he is always right, never takes responsibility for his actions if things go wrong, always tries to portray he’s the superior one, and never admits his mistake! Moreover, he uses his ego to the fullest. He never apologizes for his wrongs, rather justifies them.

Anything done excessively can be harmful. Sheldon’s portrayal could’ve been amazing if few of these things were done within limits. However, they were not. Therefore, a few of Sheldon’s things didn’t age well!


Written by Sukanya Kumar Vasisht

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