How did Mai Get Younger in Dragon Ball Super Despite Everyone Else Around Her Growing Old?

Dragon Ball Super manga finally revealed the secret behind Mai's de-aging

How did Mai Get Younger in Dragon Ball Super Despite Everyone Else Around Her Growing Old?


  • The Pilaf gang in Dragon Ball, were a menace. They were also up to some shenanigans but always ended up on the defeated side. Pilaf Gang's Mai used to be a tall and competent woman, but Pilaf wished Shenron to make the Pilaf Gang young, made the bunch turn into babies.
  • The de-aging happened in Future Trunks' timeline. As a result Future Mai and Future Trunks became of same age. They got romantically involved when they grew up.
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Dragon Ball kickstarted Akira Toriyama’s legendary career. Dragon Ball had exquisite fight scenes that featured the fighters only in their martial arts rather than the super-human battles with lasers and transformations that we see today. With lots of comedic relief between the arcs, it surely was one of the greatest anime ever.


Dragon Ball’s Team Rocket, the Pilaf Gang, always had high hopes. But they always failed. Even in failure, they did not forget to make the viewers laugh. The Pilaf Gang was made up of three members: Shu, Mai, and Pilaf. One of the weird things surrounding the gang is that somehow Mai became a child in Dragon Ball Super, even though she was big and strong during Dragon Ball days. Recently, Dragon Ball Super cleared this doubt.

How Did Mai Become Young In Dragon Ball Super?

Mai - Dragon Ball
Mai – Dragon Ball

Recently, the Dragon Ball Super manga explained the whole de-aging scenario with their special Bonus Story. The second collected volume includes this Bonus Story. It takes place during the Android Saga. The Pilaf Gang collected all seven dragon balls and summoned Shenron. Pilaf wished for Shenron to make the Pilaf Gang younger. Shenron granted this wish, and all three members of the Pilaf gang were de-aged and turned into babies.


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But the trio had to scatter since Bulma arrived at the spot. Later, it was revealed that this happened in Future Trunks’ timeline. Even though nothing is revealed about the present timeline’s Mai, it is speculated that the same thing happened here, too. Mai underwent drastic changes since she was the only human among the three and was significantly taller. She even had her personality change. Going from a competent look to more playful and childlike behavior.

Mai - Dragon Ball Super
Mai – Dragon Ball Super

Pilaf and Shu were short, to begin with. The de-aging did not affect them much. The only changes they had were the pacifiers in their mouths and baby clothes. The young Pilaf Gang now resides with Bulma and depends on her wealth for their well-being.


More On The Pilaf Gang

The Pilaf Gang
The Pilaf Gang

The Pilaf Gang was quite popular during the Dragon Ball days. They were the antagonists who also thought of doing something big but failed every time. Pilaf dreamed of being the emperor of the earth and tried to get his hands on the dragon balls to summon Shenron and make his dream real. But he never succeeded. Most of the time, the Z Warriors did not even know about these shenanigans.

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Shu is a dog-human who can speak and walk on twos. He wears purple ninja attire. Shu is a comedic member of the Pilaf Gang. Mai is a tall woman with black hair, a long coat, and boots. Her attire matches that of Soviet spies, with red stars on her coat. She is like a mercenary who carries out Pilaf’s orders. Mai is the smartest of the three.

Future Trunks and Future Mai
Future Trunks and Future Mai

Another thing that happened to Mai after de-aging was that she and Trunks got romantically involved. It happened in the Future Trunks’ timeline. In the present, Trunks is in high school. Even though he has a crush on Mai, she does not show any kind of affection for him. Since the Pilaf Gang stays with Bulma, she might develop some feelings for Trunks in the future. But for now, she is romantically unavailable.

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