‘How Does Obi-Wan Kenobi Taste?’: Fans Troll Star Wars As it Reveals Bacta Tank Root Beer

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Star Wars has brought us cinema and stories wrapped in grandeur and larger-than-life imagination. The industry that is thriving in the business of make-believe has established itself firmly as the root of all scientists’ dreams and all dreamer’s fantasies. Starting with the galaxy far, far away, the universe has brought so much into our lives and yet the galaxy feels barely touched upon.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor in a Bacta Tank
Bacta Tank being used to hold and heal mysterious Jedi survivor

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The Lucasfilm universe has been constantly expanding and bringing us closer to hitherto unconceived concepts and ideas. Action figures, pop-culture references, iconic characters, new worlds — it keeps on building and manifesting. And now it seems that the universe has taken it upon itself to bring us some summer relief from the cultures of the distant galaxy.


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The Star Wars’ Trademark Root Beer Float

Root beer hasn’t been new to us earthly people and neither has root beer float. The drink has saved us from the sweltering summer heat and except for the Australian Down and Argentinian Pampas, the world is bearing the brunt of the peak season’s stinging heat wave.

Star Wars Bacta Tank
Star Wars was inspired by their Bacta Tank to invent the new Bacta Root Beer Float

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With that in mind, the Star Wars family has come up with their latest concoction of an Obi-Wan Kenobi-themed root beer float complete with a step-by-step recipe of the blue-dyed seltzer soda topped with vanilla ice-cream drink, and all in time for the National Root Beer Float Day on August 6.

Created by the lifestyle and food writer, Jenn Fujikawa, the new recipe is already going viral. It started when fans began hilariously subtweeting the Star Wars official Twitter post about drinking the Bacta water and like the fandom-respecting industry that it is, Star Wars has replied with a root beer float recipe captioned, “It’s good for what ails you — including wampa attacks.”







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What Exactly Is Bacta Water?

Within the Star Wars Universe, a Bacta Tank is a life-sized medical vessel that is filled with a healing liquid that can regenerate and heal extensive injuries when a subject is completely submerged inside the vessel with the help of suspension cords and breathing masks.

Bacta Tank in Boba Fett Post-Credits Scene
Bacta Tank used in the Boba Fett post-credits scene

Used by several characters over the years including Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the clone troopers, the Bacta tank is mainly used for rejuvenation and recuperation.

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