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Netflix’s Nightbooks: How It Is Different From The Book?

Netflixs Nightbooks How It Is Different From The Book

Netflix’s ‘Nightbooks‘, a kid’s horror film was released on 15th September 2021. It is adapted from J.A. White’s book of the same name. Both, the book and the film focus on Alex, a young boy who is kidnapped by a witch Natacha. He is forced to tell spine-chilling stories to her if he wants to survive. Alex must bond well with Yasmine and Lenore to escape and return home. Overall, the film has remained true to its source. But, there are significant changes made in the film if we compare it to the book. These changes leave room for a possible sequel or spin-offs. So, here’s a list of how Netflix’s Nightbooks is different from the book. Check it out! Also if you’ve watched the movie, review it down below in the comments!

WARNING: The list contains some Spoilers! Read it at your own risk. You can stream it on Netflix.

1. Change In Alex’s Backstory

Netflix's Nightbooks

In the book, Alexander Mosher doesn’t really have friends in school. But he does have an elder brother, Josh. However, Josh is a jock, and they both have a strained relationship. Alex’s decision of destroying his nightbooks isn’t driven by his family or friends, but by Mr. Calkins.

But in the movie, Alex appears to be the only child and has one school friend named Josh. Alex’s decision of destroying his nightbooks is more personal. It is because Josh chose somebody else’s party over Alex’s haunted house-themed party. Alex felt betrayed.

2. Yasmine Is More Active In The Film Than In The Book

Netflix's Nightbooks

In the book, Yasmin is obsessed with sports and she hopes to open her own restaurant. However, in the film, Yasmin is shown to have an interest in science. Even though she hates being Natacha’s prisoner, she loves to experiment with potions and the magic she creates.

In the book, she is also shown to be less active in going against the witch. But in the movie, Yasmin attempts to escape Natacha’s house.

3. Lenore Is Much More Disturbing In The Book Than It Is Shown In The Movie

Netflix's Nightbooks

Lenore is a fluffy orange tabby cat in the book. She’s much more disgusting in the book than in the film. She doesn’t have paws but four fingers and an opposable thumb in their place. This gives the book an added element of body horror. She also gives Alex and Yasmin a tough time.

However, in the film, Lenore is a Sphynx cat. Also, she has claws, not fingers. Moreover, she doesn’t give Alex a hard time being his friend.

4. The Film Makes Natacha’s Apartment Look More Magical As Compared To How It Is In The Book

Netflix's Nightbooks

Natacha’s apartment is a character of its own in both book and movie. In the book, her apartment is fixed in one place.

However, in the movie, her apartment moves around the world depending on her mood and what locations best suit her goals.

5. Lastly, Netflix’s Nightbooks Leaves A Room For A Possible Sequel/Spin-off

Netflix's Nightbooks

Firstly, in the book, Natacha never tried returning to her parents because she never wanted to get back to normalcy. Also, she is defeated by Aunt Gris. In fact, when Alex and Yasmin defeat Aunt Gris, the children Natacha had turned into statues returned to normal.

In the film, they show Natacha trying to return to her parents but did not find them there. So, she came back to her apartment since she had nowhere else to go. Also, Alex, Yasmin, and Lenore try to escape the witch’s apartment, but the rest of the children are still trapped. In the end, they show Natacha laughing and stomping her foot in front of the camera. This may indicate a possible sequel/spin-off showing more havoc she can cause. This also portrays that evil cannot be defeated easily.