How Star wars is Bringing Politics Back Into the Franchise

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The Star Wars Franchise is coming back with the Senate talks and diplomacy that were hidden for some time. The Franchise had a bad encounter with diplomatic discussions and Senate gatherings when the prequel trilogy was released as many people criticized the scenes featured in action movies.

Star Wars Franchise
Sequel Trilogy of the Franchise

After Disney acquired Star Wars, senate discussions were rarely seen in the movies which is why people are wondering about the Politics being brought by the Andor and The Acolyte.

How J.J. Abrams Brought The Adventure Era In The Franchise

Star Wars Franchise
Star Wars Franchise

Star Wars Franchise Creator George Lucas had shown his vision to the world in the prequel era. Not only it was about Anakin’s gradual fall to the dark side but also the movies showed Palpatine’s manipulation of the Republic and how he so naturally created an Empire from a democracy.


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Now, watching the adventures of the original trilogy to the politics of the prequels could be quite uneven, and fans got mixed reactions over this where numerous didn’t like the concept from what was expected.

American filmmaker J.J. Abrams also went out with the concept of not including any sort of politics. When he brought the franchise back to the big screen with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, not only did his film exclude Senate discussions but was also the one who initiated carrying the theme forward. After The Force Awakens, all the Star Wars’ five movies and three shows released avoided heavy political scenes.


Star Wars Bringing Back The Theme Of Politics With Its Upcoming Shows

Star Wars
Andor and The Acolyte

That theme will not be seen in the two of the upcoming shows, Andor and The Acolyte as both the shows have some political elements.  With the trailer of Star Wars Andor, we are getting a hint of politics as the trailer features senators and governing figures.

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Through the trailer, we can see Imperial officers conversing while the Galactic Senate Chamber which was last seen in 2005 could be spotted. With the Andor Era, politics might take the front as The Rebel Alliance is still in development, so senate discussions might hold a key role in the show.


While the details shared by showrunner Leslye Headland’s interview, it’s clear that The Acolyte will showcase the High Republic and how it became the Republic of The Phantom Menace. Leslye even pointed out how the politics of the era will have an impact on the series.

With Star Wars’ coming back with its political element, it will be interesting to watch how politics will take center stage once again when the show is action-packed.


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