“How the f—k does he do this?”: Edgar Wright is in Complete Disbelief Over Anya Taylor-Joy’s Furiosa That He Compares to 11-Time Oscar Winning Movie

Edgar Wright is absolutely obsessed with Anya Taylor-Joy's upcoming movie, Furiosa, as he compared it to an 11-time Oscar-winning classic.

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  • Edgar Wright drew comparisons of Furiosa to revered classics like Ben-Hur, one of the most acclaimed films in the history of cinema.
  • Ben-Hur and Furiosa both explore characters overcoming challenges to find redemption. Judah Ben-Hur's journey in the classic film parallels Furiosa's struggle according to the actor.
  • Edgar Wright's enthusiastic praise for Furiosa has now heightened anticipation among fans for the film's release.
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The Baby Driver actor, Edgar Wright, is somewhat of a film critic in his downtime on social media. A few days back, he shared his thoughts on Challengers, and now it’s Furiosa’s turn. Having had the opportunity to watch the film beforehand, it seems he had an absolute blast.

Anya Taylor-Joy as Furiosa in the film's trailer.
Anya Taylor-Joy as Furiosa in the film’s trailer.

He rates this revenge movie a solid 10/10. Wright also mentioned that the film’s subtitle, “A Mad Max Saga,” lives up to its word, reminiscent of another revenge film classic, the 11-time Oscar-winning Ben-Hur. Here’s what he had to say about it.

Edgar Wright Compared Furiosa to This Oscar-Winning Classic!

Mad Max: Fury Road was undeniably a resounding success! So, when George Miller took on the responsibility of expanding the saga and following up on the masterpiece that entranced audiences in 2015, people undoubtedly had some apprehensions.


However, actor Edgar Wright recently shared his thoughts on the film via his X handle and drew comparisons to revered classics like Ben-Hur one of the most acclaimed films in the history of cinema. He wrote,

“I was lucky enough to see ‘Furiosa’ a month ago, and I’m still reeling at how films like his exist. It’s so intricate, detailed, and immersive. The closest comparison was something like ‘Ben Hur’ – where a long fuse of revenge burns for years and pays off with (no spoiler) the sweetest vengeance. Filmmakers and fans will leave with their heads spinning. I felt both inspired and envious! There was a point during a midway set piece where I leant over to a friend and said, “How the f–k does he do this?””

Edgar Wright. Credits: Wikimedia Commons
Edgar Wright. Credits: Wikimedia Commons

He also added,

“Also, the subtitle, ‘A Mad Max Saga’, is not wrong as this is a revenge epic, more than a chase movie like ‘Fury Road’.—The planning and love that have gone into the staging, blocking, and design are just unreal. Hats off to George and team for giving us 45 years of imaginative, visceral cinema. The movie is a feast for your eyes and ears, a full circle to the first Max adventure in 1979.”

Here is the full read,


Ben-Hur and Furiosa both explore characters overcoming challenges to find redemption. Judah Ben-Hur’s journey in the classic film parallels Furiosa’s struggle according to the actor. Edgar Wright’s enthusiastic praise for Furiosa has now heightened anticipation among fans for the film’s release.

Edgar Wright Helped George Miller in Choosing Anya Taylor-Joy for Furiosa!

This time around, Anya Taylor-Joy has taken on Charlize Theron’s iconic character, Furiosa, as the film digs deep into the character’s past and her journey into becoming the woman she was in the 2015 movie.


To portray the early part of her life, Anya Taylor-Joy was selected. But what many might not know is that Edgar Wright had a hand in this decision, as he revealed,

“‘Way back in March 2020, literally 48 hours before the pandemic shutdown happened and the country shut down, I had dinner with George Miller in London after he watched an early cut of ‘Last Night In Soho’. He asked me if Anya would be a good choice to play young Furiosa, and I responded, ‘Do it, do it! She’s a star, get her now!’. I texted Anya that night to expect a call from George Miller, and I’m so thrilled to see the results four years later. What a ride, you will enjoy!”

Anya Taylor-Joy in Furiosa
Anya Taylor-Joy in Furiosa

He also added how proud he is of every cast and crew member, further emphasizing his admiration for their work. As he revealed,

“And, of course, the cast is amazing. Chris Hemsworth has never been better, Tom Burke is a brooding rugged presence recalling the original Road Warrior himself, and as for Anya, I’m so excited and proud to see her lighting up the screen.”

All in all, it’s safe to say that Furiosa is an Edgar Wright must-watch! Early reactions are overwhelmingly positive, with nothing but praise for the film. Fans eagerly await its release.


Furiosa releases on May 24, 2024, in theaters.


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