How to Watch Eminem’s Upcoming Concert in Fortnite

Wondering how to watch Eminem's concert in Fortnite? We got you!

how to watch eminem’s upcoming concert in fortnite


  • Eminem will make an appearance in Fortnite for an in-game concert.
  • The Eminem concert will take place on December 2, 2023.
  • Players can queue for the event via the Fortnite menu to watch the concert.
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Fortnite has hosted several live events featuring some of the most popular artists, including DJ Marshmello, Travis Scott, and Ariana Grande. The game is now all set to host a brand-new virtual concert for its Fortnite OG season finale, featuring Eminem in The Big Bang.


The event will be held on December 2 and will be available for everyone interested to watch, but when does it start and how can players watch the concert? Below is the answer to all the questions and what players can look forward to at the concert.

Here’s How to Watch Eminem’s Concert in Fortnite

Eminem's concert in Fortnite will be held on December 2.
Eminem’s concert in Fortnite will be held on December 2.

The Big Bang event will be the biggest event in Fortnite history, and the popular hip-hop artist will make his appearance at the in-game concert as part of the event. The concert will start on Saturday, December 2, at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT/7 p.m. GMT. Players interested in watching the in-game concert will just have to queue with the Fortnite menu screen in the game sometime before the concert starts, and they will be taken to the pre-game lobby until the concert starts.


This is just like how players have attended previous concerts in the game and made sure that they did not miss out on the concert no matter what time zone they were in. The event will support parties of up to four people, so players can watch the event with their friends and will also receive The Big Bang loading screen. Players can even attend the event via cloud streaming on Xbox Cloud Gaming, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and Amazon Luna services.

The previous events in the game have been very popular, and a portion of the maps would have updates showing that the stage is being built in the game for the concert, so players playing the game might encounter something like that this time as well. The Eminem concert has also been seeing great buildup, as the game has included the rapper in the Icon Radio playlist and all the vehicles are playing Eminem’s songs on the radio stations.

There are ten songs currently in rotation, and soon Icon Radio will only be playing the rapper’s music until December 6. The songs include Berzerk, Godzilla, Higher, Lighters, Lucky You, Not Afraid, Phenomenal, The Monster, Survival, and Venom, but that’s not all, as there is also a special message for players from the rapper that players can listen to in between the songs. The message reads, “You know my name. Keep it right here for more on Icon Radio. Bring on the crowd.”

Eminem outfits will also be available for the concert.
Eminem outfits will also be available for the concert.

The popular hip-hop artist is also getting three outfits and matching accessories that players can don and enjoy at the concert. The outfits are Rap Boy, Slim Shady, and Marshall Never More, which recreate his looks from his official music videos. The outfits and accessories will be available in the item shop starting Wednesday, November 29, so get ready to enjoy the event. The Marshall Never More outfit will also have a Magma style that players can unlock.

While this is all very exciting for players concerning the Eminem concert, apparently there is more that will be coming to the game. A LEGO tie-in is also said to be in the game with The Big Bang event, and a couple of new modes are also said to feature, as per leakers. The modes are said to be Rocket League racing mode and rhythm game mode, but nothing else has been confirmed so far by Epic Games, so it is worth waiting to see what players finally get in the game.

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