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Hulk vs. Superman: Who Would Win This Fight?

Hulk vs. Superman Who Would Win This Fight

Superman and the Hulk are two of the most valuable and powerful entities in the superhero world. Each of them is invincible and the strongest in their respective comic books. Having any of them in the league of heroes becomes a huge disadvantage for the opposing team. But what happens when you pit these two powerhouses against each other? We will take their previous battles, abilities, and weaknesses into account to determine who would see glory in this fictitious Hulk vs. Superman fight.



There is a reason why the Man of Steel is called Superman. He is the most invincible entity in both the universes combined and there is hardly anyone in DC and Marvel Universe who can beat this Kryptonian. He draws his powers from the yellow sun of the Earth which seems to have added newer abilities over the decades. Name one superpower and the chances of him possessing it are pretty high. Some of his abilities are now common knowledge, such as his flight ability, superhuman strength, superhuman speed, and X-Ray vision. Other powers comprise heat vision, cold breath, super hearing, and more. So basically, fighting Superman is equivalent to fighting at least four different superheroes. He can move planets and travel through time, nevertheless, Supes also suffers certain weaknesses. Nothing can break him down except his vulnerabilities towards Kryptonite and magic. Additionally, from what the previous issues of DC tell us, it is pretty easy for villains to mind-control him.



Hulk is a synonym for strength. There is a solid reason why Tony Stark and Loki said “We have a Hulk”. From Earth to Sakaar, Hulk is the embodiment of strength who can flip puny gods like ragdolls. His single punch can send the alien dragon, Fin Fang Foom flying across the earth to land on the moon. Once, the Hulk’s signature Thunderclap to stop Diablo ended up causing a hurricane over South America. We have seen him flip tanks like toys and destroy asteroids like a piece of glass. He may not share the same powers as Supes, but his strength is unmatched.

Who Would Win?

hulk v superman 2

Even though both heroes are strong and intimidating in their own ways, the winner is pretty clear. It may be impossible to destroy a gamma-mutant but the Big Guy does have a drawback (or strength in some cases). His abilities seem to grow stronger with every blow he gets during a fight. Though Hulk is always angry, it may take a while before he reaches his full strength as he gets angrier. This gives Superman a head start because he can begin the fight with maximum power. The two heroes have locked horns before in the comic book crossovers where Superman knocked Hulk unconscious with a punch, powered by super speed.

While Hulk is impressively mighty and indestructible, his abilities run short as compared to Supe’s assorted powers. So, in a Hulk vs. Superman battle, if not in terms of degree, Superman definitely comes out victorious by a greater number of abilities.

Written by Ipshita Barua