“I had a worldview…”: It’ll Surprise You to Know How Long Hyung-Tae Kim has had Stellar Blade in Mind

The PlayStation 5 exclusive was conceived in the mind of Kim over ten years ago.

"I had a worldview…": It'll Surprise You to Know How Long Hyung-Tae Kim has had Stellar Blade in Mind


  • Stellar Blade was first revealed as Project EVE in 2019.
  • Hyung-Tae Kim’s upcoming game’s inciting moment was an artwork titled ‘EVE Twins’ from back in 2013.
  • The title's art style is creating some controversy, but Kim has stated it is intended for adults.
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Great things take time to create, and Stellar Blade is no exception. SHIFT UP founder and CEO Hyun-Tae Kim’s creation is now a few days away, and fans are eagerly waiting to dive into the new world built by the legendary game designer.


What we know now as Stellar Blade started its life as Project Eve back in 2019 for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. It has changed names since then and also became a PlayStation 5 exclusive, but it goes to show how long the title has been in development. And it may have been stewing in Kim’s mind for even longer!

Hyung-Tae Kim Shares his Thoughts on the Catalyst for Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade's ideation was set in motion a long time ago.
Stellar Blade‘s ideation was set in motion a long time ago.

For every creation, there is an inspiration or a muse that gets the artist’s mind buzzing. For Kim, it was the desire to create a world in a certain likeness and style. It was this desire that gave rise to the artwork dubbed ‘EVE Twins’. Released back in 2013, that was the inciting moment that set Kim down the path to create Stellar Blade.


The Director had a worldview of Stellar Blade in his mind for a long time. ‘EVE Twins’ by Kim Hyung Tae, illustrated in 2013.
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The artwork itself is in his classic style, with particular consideration for the form of the twins. Even a cursory glance at them is enough to spot the similarities to the design of Eve from Stellar Blade. One wields a pair of blades and the other two guns, and their outfits are right in line with what we are going to see in the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive.

The city behind them is a fusion of classic and futuristic architecture. On either side, we see buildings that fit into an urban aesthetic. But, in the center of the image and off in the distance, we see what appears to be a cathedral, complete with pillars and a winged statue at the top.


The artwork is called the origin of Stellar Blade, with Hyung-Tae Kim saying, “I had a worldview that I have wanted to draw for a long time, and the work I drew by condensing it is EVE Twins.” Many of the elements from the art piece are present in what we have seen of the game so far.

Kim’s Style has Been in the Spotlight as the Game’s Release comes Closer

Fast-paced combat and gorgeous visuals abound in the game.
Fast-paced combat and gorgeous visuals abound in the game.

Love it or hate it, Kim’s character design and art direction are truly unique. So much so that the illustrator would rather his characters have fat than be shredded and lean. Stellar Blade’s character design has received some criticism online, but at the end of the day, even Kim states it is entertainment aimed at adults.

The game features fast-paced combat, but that doesn’t mean Kim has cut corners with design. The suit section of the game shows off the level of dedication put into the game’s art. Players who enjoy cosmetic customization are in for a treat.


Kim’s art style in games like Blade & Soul is what garnered him his fan base. These fans have been eagerly following his work ever since, so Stellar Blade is a much-awaited release from the illustrator.

What do you think of Kim’s art style? Let us know your thoughts below!

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