“I almost died falling off a cliff taking my pants off”: Glen Powell Details Embarrassing Moment of Getting Naked In Front of Sydney Sweeney

Glen Powell had to embrace n**ity in front of Sydney Sweeney

"I almost died falling off a cliff taking my pants off": Glen Powell Details Embarassing Moment of Getting Naked Infront of Sydney Sweeney


  • Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney are starring in the new rom-com Anyone But You.
  • Powell had to let go of his embarrassment in front of Sweeney during one scene in the film.
  • Sweeney also got bit by a spider during the same scene.
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Glen Powell is quickly becoming an actor to watch out for as his film choices and roles have become varied and interesting. He made a big impression with 2022’s Top Gun: Maverick, and his performance in Devotion was also received well. He has shifted gears and is now coming up with a rom-com titled Anyone But You alongside Sydney Sweeney.

Glen Powell
Glen Powell

The film’s trailer and the sizzling chemistry between the two leads have become the talk of the town. The two actors are busy promoting the film currently. During one of the interviews, Powell talked about one embarrassing scenario that involved his co-star, which he ultimately leaned to embrace on set.

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Glen Powell Learned to Embrace N**ity on Set In Front of Sydney Sweeney

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You
Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney are gearing up for the release of their new rom-com, Anyone But You, which is releasing on December 22, 2023. The sizzling chemistry between the two actors’ witnesses in the trailer has fans excited for the film. The two actors are now promoting the film, and they revealed many behind the scenes stories about their filming experiences.

The two spoke to Variety about working with each other and also revealed some embarrassing and dangerous moments they encountered during the shoot of the film. Powell specially pointed to a scene where he had to remove his shorts to remove spiders in front of Sweeney at the side of a cliff.

Powell claimed that it was dangerous to strip n*ked near a cliff in addition to being awkward in doing it in front of his co-star. However, he ultimately learned to embrace it and have fun in the scene. He said,


“You just have to grip it and rip it on a scene like that. You know you’re not going to leave that filming day looking cool, so you just have to embrace it. Taking your clothes off on the side of a cliff in a hurry is not safe either. But it’s a really fun scene, so it was all worth it”

Sweeny, in the same interview, also revealed an instance where she got bit by a spider during filming and co-star helping her remove it from her. It seems the two actors were fully supportive of each other during moments of vulnerability and danger during the filming of the movie.

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Glen Powell is Open to Appearing in Top Gun 3 

Glen Powell as Hangman in Top Gun :Maverick
Glen Powell as Hangman in Top Gun: Maverick

Glen Powell starred as Hangman in Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick. He was certainly a scene stealer in the film, and his chemistry with Miles Teller was praised by critics and audiences. He is currently promoting his new rom-com film Anyone But You and in an interview opened up about the possibility of him appearing in a possible Top Gun 3.


Speaking to ExtraTV, Powell revealed that he is open to returning as Hangman in a potential third film. He claimed that Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have his number, and they can call him anytime when a third film materializes. He said,

“I talk to Tom all the time, but we don’t talk about ‘Top Gun 2.’ He and Jerry [Bruckheimer], if they want to make ‘Top Gun 2’ — or ‘3,’ technically — he has my number.”

It remains to be seen whether a third Top Gun ever happens in the future. Powell premiered another film, Hit Man, directed by Richard Linklater at the 2023 Venice Film Festival. The film has been acquired by Netflix and is expected to be released sometime in 2024.

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