“I am not involved”: Godzilla vs Kong Gave Us the Perfect Way for a Godzilla x Pacific Rim Movie After Guillermo del Toro Shut Down Crossover Rumors

Guillermo del Toro claimed he was not part of the Godzilla movie franchise.

“I am not involved”: Godzilla vs Kong Gave Us the Perfect Way for a Godzilla x Pacific Rim Movie After Guillermo del Toro Shut Down Crossover Rumors


  • Guillermo del Toro said he was not involved in the making of the Godzilla reboot years ago.
  • The director watched the first movie when he was a kid and admitted he's in love with Godzilla.
  • Pacific Rim and Godzilla crossover could happen by introducing Jet Jaguar.
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The shared universe between Godzilla and Pacific Rim has prompted speculation from fans that there is going to be a crossover film sooner or later. However, it seems the idea has not been picked up yet by the studios that created these movies.

Godzilla 1

Guillermo del Toro snuffed all hope when he confessed he was not involved in the making of Godzilla films. But, there are always endless possibilities in the movie industry and there is actually a way to make this dream crossover happen.

Guillermo del Toro On His Love For Godzilla

In an interview with Hitfix via Collider, director Guillermo del Toro shut down rumors of his attachment to the then-upcoming Godzilla reboot.


I am not involved in Godzilla at all. I haven’t read it or plan to read it.  Nor have I been approached to direct it.”

Even though he was not part of the Godzilla franchise, the movies were a huge part of the famed filmmaker’s childhood. He revealed in his interview with Criterion Collection that he grew up loving the monster.

The first Godzilla which I saw when I was a kid was such a gloomy movie for me. It was like social realism. It had such drama in it and such a sense of tragedy.”

Godzilla 3

He described what he thought of the movie and admitted he “fell in love” with Godzilla.

The accumulative effect of that movie was a sense of oppression and war, and a sense of dismay and hopelessness. It was a really dry movie, and in the middle of all of this, there was a monster that I fell in love with. I was like, ‘I love that creature,’ you know, ‘I love Godzilla.’

Finally, del Toro thinks Godzilla movies are “one of those movies where you got your ticket’s worth.” He added that he gets satisfaction after seeing it enough.


How Will The MonsterVerse Introduce Jet Jaguar?

There is a way to bridge the connection between Godzilla and Pacific Rim. Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973) introduced the size-shifting Jet Jaguar. It is a human-sized self-aware robot that has the programming ability to grow to a kaiju size.

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim

The Toho version of Jet Jaguar can alter its size at will, has the ability to fly, is durably strong, and is insanely intelligent. Apex Cybernetics has the power to introduce the Jaegers to the MonsterVerse as the neural connection that Ren Serizawa used to control Mechagodzilla has the same process of drifting in Pacific Rim.

The said technology can be easily adapted to allow the invention of Jet Jaguar. In fact, there had been hints of the arrival of Jaegers in Godzilla films. An Easter egg in the post-credits of Godzilla: King of the Monsters claimed that Monarch was mounting a ‘mechanized giant’ on Skull Island. Fans speculated this could be Mechagodzilla.


It may take some time before the studio decides to pursue a crossover between Godzilla and Pacific Rim, although it seems the public has a unanimous positive reaction to this rumor.


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