“I am spraying a fire hose in your face”: Working In $18M Oscar Nominated Thriller With Spider-Man Star Was ‘Some Kind of Torture’ for Robert Pattinson

Working In $18M Oscar Nominated Thriller With Spider-Man Star Was ‘Some Kind of Torture’ for Robert Pattinson
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From his early days as the Twilight heartthrob to his current status as a recognized actor working with renowned filmmakers like Christopher Nolan and the Safdie brothers, Robert Pattinson’s trajectory in the film business has been distinguished by risk-taking decisions and captivating performances. In his most recent portrayal as the recognizable Batman in the 2022 release, his flexibility shows through. While there have been many high points in Pattinson’s career, there have also been many trying times, none quite as memorable as one project that gave him a lingering sense of what he could only characterize as “some kind of torture.”

Robert Pattinson as Batman
Robert Pattinson as Batman

Pattinson’s Unwavering Dedication Amidst Filmmaking Challenges

Robert Pattinson is highly regarded in the film industry for his commitment, to his art often completely immersing himself in the roles he portrays. However, this level of dedication has occasionally put him in circumstances. One notable instance is his involvement, in the psychological horror movie The Lighthouse, helmed by director Robert Eggers.

While working on The Lighthouse, director Eggers, known for his rigorous and exacting work, pushed Pattinson to new heights. The most difficult obstacle was a scenario when Pattinson’s character had to cross a beach while constantly being hosed down by fire hoses. Robert Eggers persisted in having Pattinson watch take after take of this gruesome conflict.


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Pattinson's Lighthouse shoot
Pattinson’s Lighthouse shoot

Pattinson’s Unforgettable Encounter on The Lighthouse Set

According to FAROUT magazine, Pattinson discussed the difficult encounter with his co-star Willem Dafoe.

“What the f**k is going on?”

He remembers thinking to himself that he gets the sensation they are just spraying him with fire hose spray. In his never-ending pursuit of authenticity, Eggers declared in FAROUT magazine,


“I am spraying a fire hose in your face.”

Robert Pattinson was fatigued after completing such a rigorous assignment.

As we delved deeper into Robert Pattinsons’ career it became evident how his evolution, as an actor and his shifting perspective on the art of filmmaking left an impact. In the stages of his career conflicts arose when his representation didn’t align with the filmmaker’s vision. However, as Pattinson matured and gained control over his projects his viewpoint transformed. Of imposing his ideas he now places great importance, on collaboration and actively strives to contribute meaningfully to the filmmaking process. This transformation underscores his dedication to the art of filmmaking.

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Robert Eggers on his film The Lighthouse
Robert Eggers in his film The Lighthouse

Pattinson’s Artistic Drive Amidst Testing Times

Even though Robert Pattinson has a reputation for being a laid-back actor in Hollywood, working on The Lighthouse tested his limitations. His open admission that he once came close to hitting a director shows just how far he will go for creative brilliance. It demonstrates his dedication to his art, despite what he refers to as “some kind of torture.”

The interesting path Robert Pattinson has taken in Hollywood is highlighted by his readiness to take on difficult parts and work with forward-thinking filmmakers like Robert Eggers.

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Source: FAROUT


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