“I basically spent that entire film very, very ill”: Kaley Cuoco Kept a Major Secret from Everyone While Filming ‘Role Play’ That Made Her Very Sick

Like her character onscreen, Kaley Cuoco was living a double life on the set by keeping her crew members in the dark.

“I basically spent that entire film very, very ill”: Kaley Cuoco Kept a Major Secret from Everyone While Filming ‘Role Play’ That Made Her Very Sick


  • Even though Kaley Cuoco was excited to break the news to her crew members, she kept it to herself as he wasn't risking missing out on the action.
  • While it worked out smoothly for the most part, things would go south during the filming of one simple scene, which pushed her to let her costar in on her secret.
  • But before breaking it out to her onscreen partner, Cuoco told the news to her best friend, who was ready to take the fall in order to help Cuoco avoid any major complications.
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2024’s Role Play witnesses Kaley Cuoco playing the role of an assassin who adopted the moniker of Emma to conceal her real identity from her onscreen partner Dave, played by David Oyelowo. However, it appears it wasn’t only Dave who was kept in the dark, as Cuoco lived a double life during her time on the set, hiding the fact from her crew members that she was pregnant.


The Big Bang Theory Star, who welcomed her daughter Matilda back in March of 2023, revealed that she kept her pregnancy a secret from her crew members so that she was allowed to kick some b-tts. But keeping things to herself resulted in some complicacy later on, as during the filming of one scene, she found herself falling extremely sick.

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Kaley Cuoco Along With Her Daughter Matilda | Instagram
Kaley Cuoco along with her daughter Matilda | Instagram

Keeping the Pregnancy News to Herself Backfired for Kaley Cuoco

Known for flipping between thrillers and dark comedies throughout her career, Thomas Vincent’s Role Play was right up Kaley Cuoco‘s alley. And considering she wasn’t keen on missing out on the action, the actress kept the pregnancy news to herself for the most part, even though she was initially excited about letting others know. While the Based on a True Story Star did get to engage in the action herself and excelled without raising an eyebrow, during a simple scene of heading to the bed, Cuoco fell extremely sick, which her crew member mistook for great acting. She told EW:

“But my worst day was, we were shooting the scene where we’re going to bed early in the film and the kids yell, and I was the sickest I have ever been in my life, nausea that entire day. I was so ill. When I watch that scene, oh my God, I look like I am dying. I’m actually surprised they didn’t reshoot it because I look like a different person.”

This experience eventually pushed her to let David Oyelowo in on the secret. While he was under the impression that it was just really great acting on her part, Oyelowo, a father himself, was extremely excited about Cuoco after she broke the news to him.


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Role Play
Role Play

Kaley Cuoco’s Best Friend Took the More Serious Fall to Help the Actress Out

Before David Oyelowo was let in on the secret, Kaley Cuoco initially told the news to one of her best friends, Monette Moio, who was also her stunt double in the movie. This led to Moio taking on the riskier stunts in order to help The Big Bang Theory Star avoid any major complications. Cuoco recalled,

“It was very funny if they would say something like, ‘Can you somersault over here, and then flip … ‘ whatever they were asking, and Mo, would say, ‘Oh, no, she can’t do that. I’m going to be doing that. She kept interjecting and I think they thought she was so crazy protective of me.

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Kaley Cuoco | Role Play
Kaley Cuoco | Role Play

After the filming wrapped, Cuoco finally broke the news to her stunt coordinator, who was reasonably shocked per the actress, as Cuoco fell into glass tubes for the movie.

Role Play is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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