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“I can’t escape her, actually”: Jennifer Aniston Has a Complicated Relationship With Her Most Iconic Character Despite Leaving It Behind in the Past

Jennifer Aniston still feels connected to her character Rachel. She said "I can't escape her, actually."

Jennifer Aniston Has a Complicated Relationship With Her Most Iconic Character Despite Leaving It Behind in the Past


  • Jennifer Aniston starred as Rachel Green on the hit sitcom Friends from 1994 to 2004.
  • Aniston has firmly rejected the idea of reprising her role as Rachel or having a Friends reboot.
  • While Aniston occasionally watches Friends reruns, she admitted to forgetting several scenes from the show over the years.

Jennifer Aniston has enjoyed an illustrious career that firmly establishes her star value. However, for die-hard fans of the sitcom, FRIENDS, she will forever be Rachel Green. The Derailed actress admitted that even after 19 years since the show’s conclusion, she finds it difficult to entirely detach from Rachel. However, Aniston has made it clear that there will be no reprisal of her role or another FRIENDS reunion.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

As Rachel Green, Aniston was one of the show’s backbones during its early years. The Morning Show actress is arguably the only FRIENDS star among the six leads to achieve A-list status in Hollywood. It’s not surprising that the Murder Mystery actress has a complicated relationship with her breakout character.

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Jennifer Aniston Keeps Going Back To Rachel Green

Jennifer Aniston in FRIENDS
Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in FRIENDS

Jennifer Aniston started as a nobody compared to her co-stars on the sitcom, FRIENDS. However, over the course of the show’s ten-year run, Aniston’s career soared to new heights. During an interview with Stellar Magazine earlier this year, the Marley & Me actress once again reflected on her role as Rachel Green. Aniston openly admitted that she can’t help but revisit Rachel, as the role will always remain her favorite. The Break-Up actress shared with Stellar (via Daily Mail):

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“I always love Rachel and go back to Rachel. I can’t escape her, actually.”

However, fans might be somewhat disappointed, as Aniston has firmly rejected the possibility of their favorite FRIENDS characters making a return to the small screen. The Horrible Bosses actress explained that she gave her all to the character. At this point, a FRIENDS reboot could potentially ruin the original show, and the cast and crew seemed to concur. Aniston clarified:

“I feel like I have done them all; wrap them up and put them in a neat pile and put them away.”

The same thought went into creating a reunion special, which was centered around the reunion of the actors themselves rather than that of the characters. However, during her appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, Aniston hinted that FRIENDS: The Reunion might be a one-of-a-kind event, as the chances of the cast and crew coming together for another reunion seem slim.

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Jennifer Aniston Forgot Several Scenes From The Show

Jennifer Aniston in FRIENDS
Jennifer Aniston in FRIENDS

While the FRIENDS actors are unlikely to meet up on screen, they stay in touch with each other. Notably, Jennifer Aniston is the godmother to Courteney Cox’s daughter, Coco. When asked about whether she watches FRIENDS reruns, Aniston revealed that she occasionally rewatches episodes from the show. However, she admitted to having forgotten several scenes from the show. Earlier in 2020, Courteney Cox also admitted to forgetting FRIENDS scenes and stated that she had been binging the show.

Since her time on FRIENDS, Aniston has starred in several hit movies, including Bruce Almighty, Horrible Bosses, and We’re the Millers. More recently, Aniston starred alongside Adam Sandler in the comedy-mystery films, Murder Mystery and its sequel, both of which were released on Netflix. Furthermore, she plays the lead in the Apple series, The Morning Show, which entered its third season in September.

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FRIENDS and The Reunion special are now available for streaming on Max.

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